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About a girl named Kate who's just like any other average American teenager; not completly popular but not un-popular either, her best friend is a boy named Matt and she lives at home with her single mother. Couldn't get any more normal, right? Wrong. Kate starts to see strange things… Read More
A story about a spoiled pretty boy who, with one act of disobedience, falls into a magical world of strange and wondrous creatures. There he is compelled to start a journey that will take him through sorrow and joy, vengeance and redemption, death and life, in order to get himself… Read More
Several years after being druged at a party two men find out they have children. Azreal has two, a set of twins, he fought them but lost them, and was told never to speak to them again. Zarth has one, a daughter, but cannot find a traces of them. Then,… Read More
This is a teaser/summary. Read it, please! :] It's worth it! Read More
Pandora is a dreamer, caught up in what she wants the world to be. When she goes out too late one night she ends up waking up in the woods and her life is placed into the hands of a locket and a boy named Orfeo. As the novel progresses,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Arabella and Helena venture to the other world and meet some very interesting people. Read More
Arabella has lived for a long time and in this chapter you will see the beginning of her turmoil. Read More
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