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Vote on your favorite ships, the most voted ship will become "canon " in my story. If you do not know what canon is, it means those who fall in love, or the ultimate ship. (O.T.P) One true Pairing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

She never gave up her love for him, but has he? She must search for him to find out the answer. Since he left her behind those years ago, she must find an answer to those two words. "Thank-you." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Eren Yeager is a young, hardworking tailor. eager to prove himself and his skills to the world. However, business isn't exactly "booming", and Eren and his employees are often left bored and miserable in their small shop. However, there is one customer with quite the attitude that continuously uses Eren's… Read More
The story takes place in the fiery depths, in the kingdom ruled by Lucifer, Hell. The two main characters, Ayama and Arashi Ayama Is the main character, an ex-thief who had, at a time stolen from Arashi Arashi Basically the son of Lucifer Read More
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