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There is a town in Maine. What happened in here Once Upon A Time ago? Find out in here. Read More
Well, I wanted to try and write a SQ story with a clean cut for Hook. I don't ship anything (give or take) but I wanted to try it for the SwanQueen fandom. I think that it is really romantic. ** The story is bit long, and I am sure… Read More
Belle takes on a thunderstorm on her way home, and it is up to poor Rumple to take her home and warm her up. Cute and carefree. Read More
Not many know about Emma Swan having a daughter. Juliet is an orphan who lives in a town by the name of Storybrooke, Maine. While in the town, the 5 year old little girl experiences getting tortured by the person who runs the orphanage. See how Juliet's life changes when… Read More
Juggernaut got inspiration from reading railway guides. Just looking up town names in like Bhubaneswar, Khurda Road Junction, Itarsi, Varanasi, Nagpur, Jaipur etc., made him excited about travels and living among different cultures. Thats how he ended up in Bhubaneswar as a graduate student just to experience totally opposite to… Read More
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