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My life described in one word? Train-wreck I'm Augist Valencourte, yeah Augist. Like the month but spelled wrong (don't even ask) I moved to Mass. with my twin baby sisters Phinea & Violet because of my parents and FDPS (finances, disagreements, patients, and stupidity) So now I'm here, away from… Read More
a little thing that popped into mind as I continue to have a greater respect for silent and beginning sound films. Thelma Todd died very young (29). So many rumors of murder surrounding her being. And some of a car accident. However she died we will never know. She was… Read More

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you should never doubt your abilities and please note that all spelling is entirely correct. Read More
Don't you love to glance at the stars Read More

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Got this idea from another user. Please submit your answers as a comment! Have fun! Read More
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