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In a fatally overpopulated future Earth, all that the people have to eat is each other and they thank God for every meal. In this world, keeping the population trimmed and the meat quota filled is every citizen’s responsibility. Gladiator type combat games are now a high school sport. This… Read More
How far would you go to prove to someone you loved them? Read More
"Sometime in the not to distant future, the world is being consumed by overpopulation. The world's resources are running out faster than we had anticipated. Scientists have mapped out how long we all have to live, and with the numbers that we've been hearing on the news...we only have a… Read More
My secret can change the over-populating world. It can change mankind's future. It can change how the people will survive. It will definitely change everything living. That is the power of my secret hidden in its watery depths. Read More
The Las Vegas Pill has replaced the function of sleep for the majority of humans on the critically overpopulated Earth. Amidst the economic race between the three global powers and Dozer kidnappings closer to home, the not-so-distant future is a bleak one for London-based, factory worker, Aaron Knight. Read More
Earth is overpopulated and man has colonized space and a couple of outer planets. War is imminent. Read More
The world in 2120. After the catastrophe, humankind had recovered from the disaster and entered a grandiose era of scientific and technological progress, that reduced dramatically the number of deaths. Result: overpopulation. And a plan to put a stop to it. Read More
the problems with the planet and overpopulation with a side of human greed and an attempt to at least patch up the flaws of the past and society. not just about "rich/poor" struggel although resource hording is part of it and from both sides "rich" and 'poor". as I say… Read More
Starting with a seemingly routine crime scene of a slaughtered Suit and his Furniture, Detective Bruce Throne is rapidly drawn into a deep conspiracy reaching from the heights of Soylent Medical to the slums of the overpopulated Fringes. Puzzle pieces of stolen Aztec gold, the super-flu, lost banks, and ex-government… Read More
War heroes share stories in a futuristic, bleak vision of New York. Read More
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