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The The Imaginarium House

*SPOLIER ALERT - DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ 'CRACK' FIRST Alice finds herself once more in a place she thought only existed at the movies, the Land of Oz. The Black Queen is back and after the death of her sister and treacherous husband, there is still one… Read More
Three travellers go on a quest for knowledge Read More
This is not really a novel but more so a script. I came up with the idea to write this three years ago. I have often wondered what if Glee had ever performed or based an episode on the musical the Wizard of OZ. This Is set sometime in season… Read More
The epic conclusion to Season One of S.O.B Story! Read More
Andrew is Kissed by Karma, Meanwhile Heather is feeling 'Heavenly'. Read More
In a small town in england during the 1980's; An boy who goes by the name Alistair befriends two strange beings: Pandora & Edgar. Together they find a flight of stairs leading to a parallel universe: Elfrida (A link between Wonderland and Oz). The three soon find that this link… Read More
Short after Oscar Diggs banished Theodora, the Wicked Witch of the West, from the Emerald City and all it's inhabitants, Theodora takes off on her broom deep into the Whimsee Woods. However Theodora didn't just leave to flee in a hurry, but she also has something brewing up her sleeve... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I watched the new Oz movie Saturday night in the theater and it was spectacular; as I knew it would be. I loved it, however I overheard some opinions as it was finishing that seemed to disapprove; comments so obtrusive and absurd, I wondered if we even just watched the… Read More
This is a Story about the symbolism contained in the old classic "THE WIZARD OF OZ", and a warning from the Author from the past. That could not speak out against what was going on in the U.S. Government and Financial Institutions of the USA. Read More

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How the TinMan feels about no having a heart. and how it effects his Love. Read More

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Essay on why the movie is sketchy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This one is deeply based on the Wizards of Oz. Yet some of my new work. Read More

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