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A fairytale about Gryphon's barbarian beauty, pagan magic and people. Have fun. ... It was busy in the university kitchen. New theories were flying through the air, fighting with arguments and changing under the pressure of statements by renowned names. The witch entered. All the theories immediately combined into a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Words for the Wicked is a series of poems, exploring what it means to have grown out of your childhood too fast. It shows the strength it takes to become your own person and is an example of the different lessons I've learned in doing so. Read More
Faith origins and the meaning of Beltane Read More

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This is a poem that is basically about my journey about finding my true self. Through out life i pretending to be somebody that wasn't even real. Then when i shredded off that fake skin and showed my true self some didn't like it. So i hope you enjoy this Read More

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10th century Valahia (Romania). Codrin is member of a secret cult called "Calusari" who are preparing for a protection ritual they must perform during the Pentecost celebration. But the villagers are concerned about the Boyar's guest, a young prince from Transylvania, and his relationship with the Boyar's daughter, Savina. ____________________________________________________… Read More
988 AD. Yngvar Eindride and his Vikings are travelling through Gardarike (Russia). In a brothel, he is looking for a witch who can tell his future. The rune Kauna is a symbol of fire, vision and sexuality. Yngvar Eindride, Hakon and Olaf Tryggvason are characters in my novel "Sons of… Read More
Collection of Short Stories with Pagan Themes Read More

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January 05, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Evelyn is the queen's illegitimate love child. Given away at birth to a man, Gareth, accused of black magic, she is a symbol of peace between the Pagans and the Monarchy. She is protected in a farm house surrounded by a protection spell, and is blissfully unaware of her past.… Read More
A poem for Aradia the pagan spirit of moonlight, yes most of people don;t know this but I am actually pagan. Enjoy! Read More

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October 05, 2014

Another poem of celebration Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Their convinced she's evil and try to hunt her down before she can commit a heinous crime. Read More
One day all will learn faith; however what is most sad is the way billions must learn the hard way because this world of believers believe not God's truth while leaving an example for all to follow, but rather show themselves as God describes being rootless hypocrites walking in fruitless… Read More
We are all living within a crumbling society worldwide just as written being signs of the times with the last to know truth being this world of religious people. Read More
This is a brief interview that was done for an anthropology class that I took a year or so ago. I figured it would be a good initial foray into the faith and religion aspect of this site. Read More
In this world today the last place to find genuine truth is within the religions of man worldwide where Satan dwells and controls. Revelation 2:13-15 Read More
In this world today the last place truth can be found is in all the man-made religions and human beliefs worldwide; so says God who believers refuse to believe. Read More
We all live within a world controlled by human choices; therefore people believe not just themselves, but also a world of false teachers having no true knowledge - therefore with the worst timesoftrouble now coming upon all humanity, none have been taught truth and how to learn it. Read More
Genuine truth is the last people want to hear because the reality of the bad news is truth going against what people think or prefer to believe rather than the worst timesoftrouble coming upon all civilization with no escape. Read More
There is one great lesson with a message all on this earth need to learn from just these following words regarding Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines; and being often this site totally messes up what has been written no matter how many retries to correct. . . View link for… Read More
Thor invites Captain America over for lunch. Read More
There are truths from our creator all will learn either now or when in great suffering because the time will come when all will bow before our creator; therefore all you need to do now is make a decision on whether or not you want God's mercy when in the… Read More
There is a reason with purpose why humans were created -- and there is also a reason with purpose why Satan was created being more truth unknown to this world of religious scorpions. Read More
When there are no theories slap full of all the man made bull spit which has caused humanities end to come as written destiny; this world of religious hypocrites are the most blind of all when God's truth is the issue -- because they don't believe anything against them from… Read More
The only way to read this short story is to also view the photos provided in this link. The Life of My Wife and I in the Philippines with some photos - Plus Humanities Coming End in Ways They Know Not. Read More
Why the United States and this world cannot see their own destiny according to God believers refuse to believe. Read More
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