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The Travail of Chaos is a story of creation, of gods and magic, and a group of children who inherit the powers of entire pantheons. This tale contains great deal of real-world spirituality and magic hidden between the lines of what looks like a fantasy story. Read More

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The Gillie Shoes Trilogy is a contemporary literature trilogy (three books) consisting of the books: Gillie Shoes (book one), Just A House (book two) and After Time Ended (book three). It is, at it's most basic, a romantic trilogy. If you dig a little deeper, it's about how life is… Read More
hey guys,so not many of you know I'm pagan,so I wrote this,it's an ode to the Goddess Morrigan,this is just how I feel so don't be offended by any of this,Thank you! Read More
Thinking is not driven by answers but by questions. Had no questions been permitted to be asked by those who seek knowledge, it signals the tragic end of wisdom, understanding and insight of the seeker. And, of course, an end to knowledge itself. Every declarative statement of truth is an answer… Read More
How is Paganism and Wicca incorporated into Today’s Society. Read More
***DISCLAIMER*** This story contains some religious content that others may not wish to read. Please do not troll this page or post religiously offensive comments, or try to incite any religious hate. Melannnen has always known that she was different, but when she moves to the spooky village of Cross… Read More
Goddess Grimoire Journal, a Collection of Simple Prose and Spells: It is a Witch’s modern day, Collaborative Book of Shadows and Journal, with designated pages for documenting spell-workings. It is a Pagan liturgy book that holds the author’s very diverse Pagan Spells and poems as well as some original art… Read More
Gathering for Goddess, a complete manual for Priestessing Women’s Circles, is a Comprehensive Priestessing manual, with Twenty-four Goddesses featured, for those who want to worship Goddess,create fellowship and a Women’s Circle. It has everything you’ll need to facilitate a Goddess group and shares some of the intimate details of the… Read More
Written over the summer, I was into Wicca and other forms of Mysticism at the time. Read More
Destined to become the greatest sorcerer of his time, Nicholas Priest must overcome the schemes of a murderous goddess to master his power and protect the love of his life from certain obliteration. Read More
I wrote this poem in honor of my great grandma that passed away 4 years ago. We were very close. Read More
This is a poem that I absent mindedly wrote in my English class 2 years ago. Its a poem about the goddess. Read More
Lucifer and God make a wager concerning the merits of humanity while the apprentice advances the feminist cause in Old Testament chronology. Narrated by Lucifer. Read More
A young gay male finds his peace in paganism young and stars a coven for like minded people. Read More
This is a poem is about the Madame standing in the wings watching a bunch of nonsense go down and finally taking the reins and screeching it all to a startling stop. It's about verbal abuse and neglect when one is trying ever so hard to overcome an ugly past. Read More
This story introduces one of my special characters, the Bytch Efu Duck My Sick Bigga, to the non fictional personality of Lucifer Nigaros and the abstract concept of the Divine. Please read & take something with you. The work is a collaboration between myself as writer and again as artist,… Read More
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