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The third chapter of Pandemic. In it, the main characters find their paintball match interrupted by an injured old man...But what starts out as a cry for help, ends up being a bloodbath... Read More
On Sunday, September 23, 2012, there was a war in Santa Clara. In this story, I will take you through the war from a first person prospective. Based on true events. Read More

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Essay about paintballing and why people should try it Read More

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I decided Kaden and Adrian didnt gone on any dates! so I'm adding some but since it's to hard to add them to the original story and all I'm just gonna post them as side stories. this one takes place in chapter 13 before the 4th of july bbq. Read More

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He's sweet, caring, funny, smart, kind, adorable, amazingly hot and just a friend... Read More
Ten friends enjoy college life untilone morning a friend goes missing. How will Alicia help the police to find her friend? Read More
My first experience of paintballing Read More
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