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Lifetimes upon lifetimes. That was the curse placed upon Ahn Jimin. A curse that would span lifetimes upon lifetimes. And in this lifetime, he had simply decide to stop trying. There was no point to it all; if he had not managed to break the curse the past 3 lifetimes… Read More
Once upon a time there was a kingdom named, "Starol". The king has only 7 princesses and he named them after the 7 precious gems of the Earth. Diamon, Sapphire, Crystal, Pearl, Ruby, Jade, and Amethyst. Find out the adventures between these 7 princesses and their princes! Read More
This poem is about a man who slept or died( This part was left unanswered so that you'll chose what best suits you) and dreamt he went to hades(The land of the dead) which was happy, lively and the total opposite of what he believed it to be. Read More

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October 07, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

A classical story consisting of diary entries written by a bakery girl and her adventures in becoming a princess. The romance and the darkness that occurs in her relationship with the prince making her turn from a good girl to a bad girl with plans up her sleeve. Love or… Read More
A brief history of the Palace Cinema, Ilfracombe, Devon 1913-1926 Read More
Guadalupe may be homeless but she is using the opportunity to tell others about jesus. Then one day, she wakes up on a park bench and finds herself going to bed in a palace. Her life changes dramatically as a princess. However, can she still use her position to tell… Read More
Clopas has lived in the prosperous Kingdom of Ephrath for her entire life, under the rule of the mysterious King Adonai. As her Gift becomes stronger, those around her push her down an arranged, expected path. As she begins to rebel against tradition, Clopas finds a new way to use… Read More
Birk and Ed visit a lost grave yard to find a passage way to the other realm. There they meet the elf lord again and offered to do something they have been seeking. Read More
This is a series of stories that are broken into nightly parties. Birk and Ed are buddies who had in mind to attend parties to celebrate the festive occasion. But they soon learn that they end up in other places that nobody else has been to. Nightly adventures begin with… Read More
A different perspective on royal ruling. Read More
The night that Guardian Xavier Weston fell asleep on the job, was the night that Princess Andria slipped from her bedroom and ran away from her regal life without a trace. Now after years of facing shame and banishment from his home, Xavier has finally found her and struggles to… Read More
Susan finds herself in a strange place after an awful accident while in recovery she discovers what the world calls them...the CRAZIES. The freaks, the ones who cant and the ones who wont. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

There is a world called Lemonia. Lemonia is dominated by sentient leopards. Nzah is one of the leopards, who lives in a town on the continent of Aquania. He began seeing strange events happening in his village. This is his story. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adalyn has grown up fighting to make sure her fatherless family survives. When a letter comes asking for someone to come work in the Noble Society which ranks just below the Royal Castle Adalyn is wary to accept. Once she arrives she must face the many untold challenges that come… Read More
A short story I had to put in the novel section in order to be able to make it into chapters. this story is 11,055 words, thereby qualifying as a short story. it is in the novel section because it is too long for a monolithic read. A story of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This poem is dedicated to a poem ‘My Muse’ by Ashi17 (also on Booksie) because I liked her poem so much that it inspired me to pen this poem. Not only this, normally all her poems are a great source of inspiration and motivation for me. They have highly influenced… Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet Abdul Alhazred who wrote the Necronomicon. Read More
The collapse of the regime of king Blain of Galdur led to the appearance of a crisis that became a peak of the illiteracy, dishonesty, and the number of awkward policies of ruling ministers. Fortunately, the older brother of Blain, king Cedric of Medias appeared to be an outstanding and… Read More
Anya du Azarmon is not only a princess, she is also the protector of Azarmon. As a princess, she is sent out to manage the newly-conquered kingdom of Castolla. Castolla has no king left - or so Azarmon thought. When Pierre stumbles upon Princess Anya in his kingdom, he decides… Read More
A poem about the Mad Arab of the Cthulhu Mythos. Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet of the Cthulhu Mythos. Read More
There was once a young man who left his parents to find his fortune in the world. In the market he espies a man disguised as a beggar who really is a dangerous assassin who wants to kill the royal princess who happens to be in the market with her… Read More
A poem about the Mad Poet/Necromancer Abdul Alhazred, who wrote the Necronomicon. Read More

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January 29, 2013

Two charming Pakistani 9 year old girls escape school and find themselves spending a day with the most famous woman in the UK Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Alec was a normal high school boy until a run in with a prince from a far away land, changes his life forever. He fights forbiden feelings for this prince. Read More

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November 01, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Don't leave me alone our hearts are beating as one. Give us a chance. Read More

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October 07, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Come, sit down and hear my tale. A tale of darkness and light, of ice and fire, of death and life. A tale of... snow, and steel. Once, a mighty empire ruled, and all knelt, or fell. However, doom took place. Horrors of shadow and ice, released by accident, overtook… Read More
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