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A little about my ebook: THE WORDS OF A PANDA BEAR A nice Panda Bear is happy! He plays in a band! Some birds sing and some animals protect the city! Today is snowing and I'm wearing a blue cap, a dark scarf and a new pair of slippers. I'm… Read More

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A children's book about forgiveness! Lou must forgive his sister Sue for eating all his bamboo. Read More

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A Personal Dedication to Fatherhood and to the Unbreakable Bond Between Daddies and Daughters Everywhere Read More
Amanda has tried for so long to be the perfect Christian girl that her family wants. There's just one "problem." She's gay. Amanda has accepted her sexuality. But will her religious family do the same? Read More
“I remember having a family, Friends, Happiness but... we all know it never lasts mine probably ended the worst I look back today with my wife and the day we meet should I tell you?” Foxes “Tell us your whole story so we know how you feel” It all started… Read More

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Essay / Other

January 17, 2013

Just a little reading if you're in the mood for some general enlightenment about life and all that. It's up to you, really. I mean, it's pretty light, but at the same time... Read More
Please read through it first to see if it is what you want your children to read\\Enjoy :) Read More
Sasha's life please read this is about his life Sasha's life it's not about Bob's life it's about Sasha's life His name is Sasha, he has a brother named Friend Sasha's name will stay Sasha, it will not change Read More
Just a silly little fable, I wrote it for school once apon a time, and I found it and thought "why not?" so here it be. Read More
this is just a random story i'm writing. i decided to put my own little twist on the game Fall Out. i hope you guys enjoy. i may of more not continue this. depends on how much feedback i get. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

What love is to me. Some of the ideas expressed might be confusing because this was meant to be private before my friend told me to post it because she thought other people could benefit from it. Read More
Some peoole wake up from accidents mostly with a broken arm or leg, they recover and go home. Cornelia unfortunatly doesn't have that option stuck in a hospital with a crazy daemon fairy who wants her body and soul. Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 30, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Kip is the emo kid with an alcoholic, abusive father and a depressed mother. He just moved to Oregon...with his dad. Will he find love with his new best friend? Or maybe a character of the past? Or will his memories get in the way as the past blends into… Read More
A short causal essay on why Pandas are an endangered species. Read More
A new mother finds an abandoned baby panda. Read More
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