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Pandora's Box, a box filled with all the evils and sickness the world has come to known. Prometheus had earned Zeus' wrath by stealing fire from Zeus and giving it to the humans who he sympathised for they were shivering in the cold. Pandora's curiousity led her to open… Read More

Poem / Horror

June 16, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

A reworking of 'One, two, buckle my shoe'. Read More
The crew of the USS Challenger are called to aid in a resettlement program in the Alpha Centauri system. When they begin the resettlement they would face a alien race that is bound on conquering Pandora and they are lead by a man who is bent on revenge. Read More
Lux is throw into an entirely different world when she is "Branded" with the key to Pandora's box. Read More
this is the story of a girl who thought she was normal. but nothing is what is seems in the year 2055. jade goes on a crazy adventure, and joins up with a team of; Vio, candy, and Calista, and they must find a way to stop the overlord before… Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 01, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A short poem about Pandora's Box Read More

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The old Gotham City is no more as Pandora's box corrup's earth's justice league and turns them into evil, psycho paths who have taken over Gotham city and called it New Gotham. Can Catwoman stop this madness or will it be the end for all. Read More
Note: This is a concurrent spin off of Legend of Cyrus Cyrus has been exiled and her brothers couldn't be happier. Without her their games can be more epic but when two more females pups find their way into his pack what's a boy to do? Pandora has always been… Read More
Derk tries to convince a nosy customs man that some trunks are best left unopened. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*NOTE: If you are not familiar with the story of Pandora's Box, I suggest you look it up on the internet before reading* This is my second draft for my English coursework. Hopefully there won't be any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but if there are, please point them out.… Read More
Once again Pandora is in danger and its up to Arthur to put a stop to the evil plan by stopping the Dark Demon's niece (a young sorceror) from reviving the Dark Demon. Read More
simply a letter to Criss Sole. We all have our issues, it is when we rise above them to give succor to those who need it is what makes us human........ Read More
The poem had to be an extended metaphor for class. This is what I came up with. Can you guess what the metaphor is? Read More
What if the RDA had more than one camp, on Pandora? Read More

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The story takes place in Lamina where Arthur and Jasmine who are twins live. They meet a mage called Slither who's from the magical place called Pandora. The twins don't believe slither until their village gets burnt down by horsemen and an eagle captures their mother, who were sent by… Read More
Avril and her butler Alexander are trying to keep her mansion running and keep the creatures in the Abyss at bay. ~I DO NOT OWN ANY ANIMES MENTIONED IN THIS STORY. ONLY A FEW OC'S. THIS IS A FAN FICTION.~ Read More
These song Lyrics of a girl but where is she in the world Are all the pretty young red heads all taken not I bet Bread from heaven perfection is 7 I can go seven till 11 Crumbs from a prince one date and I'll convince kittens Read More
Circa Pendragon has always lived in the shadow of his father, Xerxes Pendragon, the great warrior of Pencet. Wanting to prove himself to his father, and everyone else, Circa sets out on an adventure. Little does he know, a great evil has been set free upon Pencet , its name:… Read More
My 1st attempt at writing in 2nd person perspective. Read and let me know what you think. Read More
Rewriting the first few chapter of this story , just wanted to post what i had so far ^^ Read More
Two girls; their lives through a looking glass. The dimensions of time and space are distorted. It is too complicated to think about. Can you imagine, a parallel dimension running next to yours, where the past is the present and the present is the past? That being said, what is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Long ago, Pandora was given a box and was told to never open it. She did anyway, thus releasing the Seven Deadly Sins. Today, these sins have been confined into a small room in the back of a church. The night they are set free, they meet a young man… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sin and virtue have taken form, and they've taken the job of Immortal Judges. However, as ideas of justice change, so do the Seers. Watch them in their last days of Watching you. Read More
Well, not much more I can add. A small list of how to survive, the rules (or at least tips). Enjoy? Read More
Almost a Military based story... based on futuristic Military Units. Consists of the good and the bad. Operation Liberty is a group of well trained soilders fighting for good and trying to get rid of the Iron Alliance. *If you read this first chapter and are interested in it, please… Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 28, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is as much real as it is a lie. What I'm trying to say is I took a story and inserted only crumbs from reality (For those who DON'T get it I took reality and twisted it drastically :D ) I'm not in the mood to describe the… Read More
A short fantasy poem. Read More
My life at the moment. Just learned I will never be able to play soccer again because my knee is practically obliterated. I'm only 15. This will affect the rest of my life. I don't know what to think. So I'm expressing myself and how I feel right now in… Read More
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