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What happens after the downfall of Panem? Their technology, fallen into the wrong hands, could make a disaster. Read More
This story is placed a few hundred years after Mockingjay. It has been hundreds of years after the last uprising happened. No talks about uprising are allowed to be heard in the Capitol. Not in their history books, not in any traces that was left by the former districts. But… Read More
Takes place years after the Hunger Games trilogy. A Capitol-like government is back in power, and Ariadne is chosen, along with 19 other children, to become a part of a series of government experiments that are supposedly designed to help progress their society. She knows, though, that there are always… Read More
Welcome to the 17th Hunger Games! In chapter 1 is the forum for your character! And I will have to agree or not to let your character in Read More
This is a Fanfic for The Hunger Games, written from the POV of the District 11 tribute, Rue. Have you ever wondered what life was like for poor, innocent Rue before she was chosen to compete in the Annual 74th The Hunger Games? Or how she coped in the arena… Read More

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Imagine if Peeta died in the Hunger Games and just Katniss won. Imagine if the Quarter Quell was something different and those victors never died or went back in the arena. Imagine if the rebellion never even happened. Now it is the 76th Hunger Games. May the odds be ever… Read More
What if the Rebellion failed after the tiger faced woman betrayed Squad 451? What if Peeta was killed by Snow on the spot and Katniss was given a choice between public execution or a third trip into the arena? What if she chose the arena? Twenty-five years after the second… Read More
I'm pretty sure most of you know a book called 'The Hunger Games' by Suzanne Collins. This is a story about Katniss' life after the rebellion. DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE ENTIRE TRILOGY! Read More
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