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Book / Fantasy

September 01, 2018

I was born crying, and cold. And from that day on I never truly could get warm again. The crying stopped though, because I realized I was stronger than I had thought. But, inside fear always lingered; ice cold fear. I could not have known what was to become… Read More
A recap of last night's Florida/Toronto game. Read More
A preview of tonight's Florida/Toronto game. Read More
A recap of last night's Toronto/ Florida game. Read More
A preview of tonight's Toronto/Florida game Read More
McKenzie is a kid who just dosnt fit in well...join McKenzie and her friends as she faces her challenges throughout life and love."Take me if you dare" Read More
*Completed* Lucas Della Marts believes that woman are only good for two things, an occasional company, and sex. He feels nothing, and think love doesn't truly exist. Madelyn Krissy Della is the opposite of her little brother, she knows love is real, look at her parents, over twenty five years,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The circus- a place of nightmares- has come to town. Will you attend, or run away in terror? Read More
There is a world living next to yours that you never knew about. Meet Sara, a girl who finds out her family are vampires when she wakes up locked in a bathroom, with markings on her arm and a bite on her neck. Enter Kay, new girl who can turn… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

September 29, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Erika born during the viking age, near the village now known as Selfoss, is only the second female to become and shape shifter and the first female pure blood shape shifter to born in her village. Her brother Haldor, becomes the first male. Unlike the average shape shifter, Erika and… Read More
Rhyan is a normal girl-- captain of the cheer squad, prettiest girl in school, and straight-A student to boot. But she's hiding a secret that no one can ever know; the survival of her species depends on it. If she lets the secret slip... well... the Pack could suffer for… Read More
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