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Being a philosophic parable that tries to answer the question "Why did humans evolve this way?", this short story was published in 2003 (Yerevan, Armenia), republished in 2014 (Toronto, Canada), and became a finalist of Open Eurasia Literary Contest 2019. Read More
It's a parable taken from the Bible. Read More
There once was an electric eel who fell in love. Read More

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It's a journal of thoughts and experiences. Read More
It's a journal about my daily life. Read More
It's a journal about my daily life and reading Read More
This story shows how our disabilities can be turned into abilities if we choose to see them as such. Read More

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A short story about a lump of coal struggling to find the reason for it's existence. Read More
Taken from the Hindu of the god Ganesah. Three blind men and elephant. Read More

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The First Contact has gone wrong: an armada of unidentified spaceships enters the cozy part of the Galaxy the humans claimed for themselves and the carnage soon follows. The proud people from the planet Earth decide that they aren't going to tolerate the presence of the ugly and ruthless alien… Read More
I am currently working on a collection of children's stories called "After The First Frost." It is written in Native American style and the stories are all lessons or stories from nature. I am posting one of the stories here. I hope to have the book published by June of… Read More
This may not appeal to those that are not well versed in the New Testament, the Bible. It is about parables in the life of Jesus, seen and unseen. Read More
A continuation but not part of "The Parable of the Flower". --- A son follows his father's business advice and finds more than just profit. Read More
A short parable to be shared if sharing is felt. --- What will you find within the story? Read More

Short Story / Flash Fiction

September 02, 2014

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Chet cannot see the moon Read More
do you know what is the most tastiest fruit in the world. i know Read More

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A short parable type piece. I like to think the best way to explain it is to imagine it's written from the perspective of a young man with autism and schizophrenia... Little bit morbid, but oh well! It's worth mentioning that this I haven't focussed this to a religious audience...… Read More
Just replace the flowers with girls and the bees with boys and you'll realize I'm not as crazy I see, ;) Read More
A land developer has progress halted by a squatter on the property who uses a parable to provide him with a different perspective on life and living Read More

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What goes around comes around. The hubris of youth meets the calls from the wild. Read More
Christian Science Fiction and Parable Read More

Poem / Song Lyrics

November 22, 2012

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yes, i like rap. i like to uplift those who need it. Read More
This is an experiment for me to try and include the narrator into the story. I'd like to think I succeeded well but I would honestly like a second opinion. This was inspired by the Stanley Parable which is a great free game and if you enjoyed this you should… Read More
Even though it may be attainable, not every person wishes for the most precious things in life. Read More
Hi. I'm Alex. In the seventh grade I was a bully victim. I was verbally and physicly abused to the point I wanted to kill myself. This novel is to show the dangers of bullying and how damaging this situation can be as a kid. Enjoy! Read More

Short Story / Other

December 24, 2010

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A parable about a kind of cynicism that one sees too often in this world today. Read More

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Short work to teach everyone an important moral lesson. Read More

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A new twist on an old story. I wish it were new but the Bible had it first. Rich woman and poor woman meet at heaven's gate. See what happens I won't ruin it for you. Read More
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