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It's a journal about my daily life. Read More
This story came to me of an experience I had with a priest on the bus. He was telling me all about the New Testament, but when I started telling him about the Old Testament, he didn't want to know. Read More
On Corazon, the fictional island in my YA fantasy novel The Illusion Queen, knowledge is taught through stories. These are four short parables used in the novel to illustrate the values and beliefs of Corazon's people. Thank you to Shino Hisano for the cover art. Please take a look at… Read More

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October 21, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

An exercise in word play and subject blending. Read More
This is a tribute to George Orwell's 'Animal Farm', a parable about human society written as a fairy tale. Answers are at the end. Click 'like' if you figured out which historical event this tale refers to! Read More
This article may not appeal to those that are not well versed in the Four Gospels and the New Testament. It is about Parables that may have been written into the Life of Jesus. Read More
Jesus spoke in parables and hid much of what He had to say about the after life and Himself. Find out what He had to say. You may be quite surprised at what you don't know. Available at: Spiritual Catagory Read More
The cobblestones rolled like drops of rain under the metal paws of the Hound. The sky had a sick yellow pallor, and glowed weirdly. The cobblestones, slick with fresh rain reflected the yellow light grimly. The world took on a different hue around the Hound. Smiles, what smiles there could… Read More
Memory is a transient thing - blooming like a rose, and withered away as quickly. But think: what if it could be recorded? Transferred? What then? Read More
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