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A collection of short stories based on the characters and world of Paragon the video game. originally started as layouts for a series of animated shorts but the game was cancelled and the other people involved moved on. even so, the ideas kept expanding and I could not stop thinking… Read More
Short poem about a plan. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Commander Shepard, a female commander with the Systems Alliance Navy. A few years after a devastating battle called the Blitz, Shepard finds herself serving on the most advanced ship in the fleet. Soon she finds herself in the middle of a mess 50,000 years in the making. With a threat… Read More
This is it what I think I would feel if i`m ever in love. Read More

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War is a game. It is a game of deceit and betrayal. It is a game of death and struggle. It is complex beyond belief, and simpler than breathing. It has shaped not only humanity but the Galaxy for millennia. And it will continue to shape existence for ages to… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Adele Parker gets a scholarship to exclusive Paragon Academy, the #1 modeling academy in the world, she is overjoyed. Who wouldn’t be? But she learns that there’s room for only one winner. As the stakes get higher, emotions rise like never before. Until one student goes too far as… Read More
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