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After coming out of hospital in a parallel world where there is no science, trans-dimensional explorers Fred and Debra take a tour of Lytton High School before returning to our universe. In the World Without Science. Read More
In a parallel Earth where boats haven't been invented, trans-dimensional explorers, Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien, go on a tour of the Republic of New Brittany. A country that only exists … in the World Without Boats. Read More
Trans-dimensional explorers, Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien, go to the cinemas to watch a documentary, then spend the night in watching TV with their hosts and their aunt and uncle in a parallel world without acting. Read More
Simon lives in a parallel world where movies haven't been invented. He and his uni mates go out to see the play 'Scream' where he meets Neve Campbell, the star of the play, and they fall in love. Read More
A young boy and his mum watches a series of films in a parallel universe. In a world without radios. Read More
Imagine going nightclubbing in a parallel world where music doesn't exist. Read More
Sarah, Jessica and Melissa are on their way to Hawkes Bay to meet Jessica's parents. But they have a problem. Jessica's car breaks down on the Taupo Napier Road. And they live in a parallel world where cell phones haven't been invented. They are stranded on the Taupo Napier Road.… Read More
Sarah Marshal and her boyfriend, Steven McFerris, go nightclubbing with Debra O'Brian, Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull and his wife, Lucy, in a parallel earth where banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions haven't been invented. They talk about what it is like living without banks. Join them as they… Read More
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