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You just never know what kinds of story you get when you visit a parallel universe. Read More
Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien arrive in a parallel world where there are no religions. After being arrested by the police, can they convince the Athiests that they are from a parallel world? Or would they end up in a mental hospital for the rest if their lives? Can they… Read More
Henry Lawson is a little boy who lives in a parallel universe where printing hasn't been invented. So they write their books by hand. He and his mum are excited when his school principles books him in for a reading at the War Memerial Theatre in a world with Hand… Read More
Fred, Michael and Stephen meet the girls at a Christmas Parade in a parallel world where telephones haven't been invented. Then Fred and Debra come across a fire demon. How will Fred alert the fire brigade if there are no phones? Read More
Jacob Mathewson is doing his masters thesis in a parallel world where computers have not been invented. Read More
Debra O'Brien and Fred Watson go to the library with their host, Michael McCullum, to look up stuff at the Waipukarau Library in a parallel world where the internet has not been invented. Read More
Trans-dimensional explorers, Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien, go out to a fancy restaurant and a night club with their guide, Michael MacCullum, King Mallock of Syria and various delegates in a parallel world where armies don't exist. Read More
Jacob works as a freight sorter for New Zealand Couriers. He has been losing weight and his health is deteriorating in a parallel world where there are no doctors, no hospitals, no medicine. He is slowly dying of a mysterious illness. Read More
Debra O'Brien and Fred Watson arrive in Hamilton City, New Zealand, with Michael McCullum to visit his unemployed sister in a parallel world. But, in this world, there is no unemployment benefit. The unemployed have to live on the street and rely on the city mission and begging for food.… Read More

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The 'The Odd Ones' House

A story of another us, where things ended differently.. Read More
Michael Higgins and his mum live in a parallel world where agriculture hasn't been invented. So they must go hunting and gathering food for the annual Christmas dinner. Enjoy the Christmas with the Hunter Gatherers. Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 19, 2017

Reila and Faye come from two different worlds. The story follows the adventure of Faye after she switched souls with Reila. Faye came from our world, the Earth, while Reila came from Golarim. Golarim is the center of creation. It spins at almost the same speed as our universe… Read More
four time travelers by accident reached in parallel universe and with the help of another time traveler they returned to their homes. Read More
A mans daughter is kidnapped and his wife commits suicide. He then hatches an elaborate plan to track down and recover his daughter. Read More
This short story is about the adventure of a young girl called Kate and her friends when they find themselves in a different world than the one they had been living in. They have no idea how or why they are in this new world and town called Tangiton. How… Read More
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