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This is the first chapter of my novel revised and complete, I hope. Looking for someone to give any feedback and maybe compare it with the original as to its effectiveness. I'll post more chapters as I get them done. Read More
Trans-dimensional explorers Fred Watson and Debra O'Brien spend the night in in a parallel world where TV has not been invented. Read More
Three worlds, three stories waving the strings of The Veil that will set the course of a new epic adventure. Lôgos, cycle 1,492 of the Age of Expansion. Nero Williams, holistic engineer and citizen of the Intergalactic Bearer Federation, is sent to participate in a new project with the promise… Read More
Paranormal investigator, Sarah Marshal, and her boyfriend, Steven McFerris, have arrived in a parallel world where they discover that money hasn't been invented in that world. Their guide, Debra O'Brian, take them shopping in a world without money. What is life like without money? Think how easy life would… Read More
After being involved in an well-known scandal, Edith White runs out of Newbury to start a new life in New Scotland. However, the secrets from her past will never leave her. She will have to hide them and, at the same time, fight to improve her future and ammend errors… Read More
John, his girlfriend and their uni mates go on a drive from the Auckland Highlands to Whangarei Beach in a parallel Earth where the sea level is 200 metres lower. Read More
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