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What if Skillet and Paramore had both been caught in a zombie apocalypse together? What if to survive they would have to put aside their differences and work as a team? Well your "what if's" will be put to rest if you give this novel a read. Read More
My first short story i ever wrote Read More
In the world of heavy metal, things are getting serious. After the funeral of Mitch Lucker, of Suicide Silence. Oliver Sykes, of Bring Me The Horizon, has a mental breakdown and recruites other bands to join him on a war against the world. Can the music ever save them or… Read More

Poem / Young Adult

July 24, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Poem: My Love Withers Read More

Essay / Memoir

December 16, 2011

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Unlimited happiness, boundless energy and ceaseless creativity naturally occurring in the human mind must sound like a dream come true to most people. But when this psychological cocktail causes a break with reality, chaos ensues. This is not fiction. This is the story of a real battle with mania, a… Read More
Luxx Pierce is a normal (well as normal as a vampire can get) girl living in northern Maine. But when a mysterious stranger arrives he starts chagning her world totally, and she begins to wonder if she can tame him. if she doesn't, what will happen? Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 30, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Kip is the emo kid with an alcoholic, abusive father and a depressed mother. He just moved to Oregon...with his dad. Will he find love with his new best friend? Or maybe a character of the past? Or will his memories get in the way as the past blends into… Read More
I know, I know, there's alot of these. But I see lots of people posting these and I decided to try one out. I've selected some song's I'd really like to see people expand on them. Read More
Riley's been addicted to the Hardcore life. since she was fourteen, she's been dragged into the, sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll life. from sleeping with rock gods for drugs, to pretending she was a completely different person in front of her family. when Riley meets Sam again after many… Read More
When mysterious "Punk Guy" (PG for short) moves to Muskoka, Ankh's own personal dullsville, she can't believe her luck. Her parents are on a dig in Cairo, he's tall and yummy... and she's working. Her brain stops, her mouth forgets how to work- open, move, sound come out? With her… Read More
Review of Paramore live on 18th December 2009! These guys were amazing live, and if you like them or were ever thinking of seeing them, read this to know what they were like! xxx Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

September 01, 2010

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A group of young musicians face hardships as they try to reach their dream. (Featuring Pete Wentz, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie, Hayley Williams, Cassadee, Patrick Stump, etc.) Read More
Many think of Heather as a sore loser.But 'he' thinks she's a sweet girl.But she dosen't know what could happen if she falls for this Danger. Theme Song:Decode By Paramore Read More
When I'm depressed or just feeling down, music always helps. Read More

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Hayden Connor is positive he's never felt this way before. Just one look into Mackenzie Dawson's eyes and he's completely hooked. He's head-over-heels for the new girl. But his attempts to impress her are constantly failing. He knows she's bringing down all his guards, and that bothers him. She's definitely… Read More

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Hello, goodness do I miss this. Ummm... yea! Just read. Read More

Book / Other

February 17, 2010

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theroy of a deadman, nickleback, paramore, colbie caillat, sixx am, ne-yo, and lady autebellum.. have fun join plz Read More
im not good at summarys... but this is my challenge entry for TakeMeAsIAm's song challenge i had the song "Let The Flames Begin" by paramore. read and comment please Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 13, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for a challenge called Music And Lyrics by CuteLove. We had to pick a song and write a poem or story based upon the lyrics, I picked Paramore's Brick By Boring Brick...hope you enjoy it. Read More

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I have NO IDEA what to sing for the talent show, but something like Paramore, Adam Lambert, Avril Lavigne...pretty much alternative rock, punk, and stuff like that, PLEASE HELP!!! Read More

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this is not a story just a story but still look at them Read More
Gabrielle's life kills her. She has a gorgeous voice and a hot body. Her life is perfect, or is it? There's more to what this summary tells you. Find out for yourself how Gabrielle's life is different. Read More
Mayday Parade, Paramore, Forever The Sickest Kids, Anberlin, Gregory And The Hawk, Family Force 5, Owl City. A few of the artists that I absolutely love and a couple of lines from songs that I adore :) Read More
inspired by some good old paramore. she wants to forget him...but she doesn't know if she's strong enough to do that... Read More
This is xlovinxlifex's challenge. I got the song Misery Business by Paramore Read More

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About a girl named Paija (not meant to be me by the way)who ends up going on tour with a band and certain events and drama start to unfold.... Note: this fiction is about the band Paramore. Read More
Uhm. This is a Jeremy Davis oneshot that I wrote for my bestfriend Angel. I pretty much all of my fanfics staring her :). If you like Jeremy this is a really cute story. Read More
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