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Michael begins to feel that he is losing his sanity, and the forgotten woman is snatched from the street. Read More
This short story starts off fast and does not stop until you crash into the ending wanting more and wondering why. Read More
Professor of Cryptid Zoology, Gabriel 'Gabe Hussey' Travels to Oregon to investigate a Murder supposedly committed by a Sasquatch. Read More

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"Started with a bang, in medias res! A squatch, huh? Going to be an addictive read..." Read More

reposting from my alternate account. a ranch is besieged by a supernatural force, but is it real or the scam of the century? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ivy Sinclair is plagued with reoccurring dreams of a mysterious green-eyed lover. What happens after she meets Kyle, a sexy fireman who makes her body burn like no other and eerily shares the same visions as she does, is all mystery. She soon learns that what is natural is… Read More
Michael O'Rourke starts to delve deeper into what occurred at the church, but instead of answers he is left with more questions and doubts. Read More
A paranormal cozy mystery. Randy Ratphink, baby boomer cum geezer boomer, flower-power fossil, way-past-never-trust-anyone-over-thirty sexagenarian suddenly finds himself dead—murdered—and his spirit won’t rest until he discovers whodunit! From his postmortem perch in the astral plain Randy’s life flashes before him like a Piggly Wiggly surveillance video. Determined to seek out… Read More
Michael O'Rourke is tasked with investigating the events at the parish of St Enda's. But he is a man that has been struggling with his own faith, and as he realizes that something malevolent is at play, he wonders if his faith is strong enough. Read More
A forgotten woman witnesses the death of an old priest, as darkness creeps over the city. Read More
For Nate, the world was once a nice and friendly place, at least until they came. The Bobbies. No one knows how it started. One day their loved ones turned on them, devouring them like an eight-course meal. The reason for this remains unknown, and now the biggest worry anybody… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

He stared at me. His eyes were alive and blazing, touching me everywhere despite being nearly seven feet away from me. Slowly, he strode towards me, tipping my chin back with his deft fingers so I could grovel with my eyes glued to his. "You're right, Adrienne," he sneered, a… Read More
The dead sometimes will not rest without retribution. Read More
The life of a young Irish clairvoyant called Lucy. Who is widowed. Read More
Me Myself and I, And The Girl in the Mirror? a Fiction Horror short story about O' dido; at first, she was Normal. But then everything started to look and feel all Weird. For something happens, and they end up putting. O' dido; In a Mental institution, she had lost… Read More
What lies beyond the veil covering the past can be fatal. Read More

Book / Romance

February 04, 2021

||A Beauty, a Beast, and a mythic Wild West|| Captain James Dawson knew that her life wasn't going to get any easier by making a deal with a captured "fairy" prince. But when the terms of the bargain involve her deepest fear, she can't imagine how her life could get… Read More

Book / Romance

January 31, 2021

Logan and Emily used to be best friends until Logan began to bully her and pushed her away and now he is regretting it big time. Will Emily push him away and make him suffer or will she forgive him and let him mate her to make a fresh start? Read More
Rojhierr, a young Spirit-Hearer of the Jhircynoux tribe, is on his way to enroll in classes at the Great Library when he encounters a mysterious girl in the forest: a girl with a terrifying pet grynynyai. She doesn’t want Rojhierr’s help, but he saves her life anyway—and that good deed… Read More
After a heavy night of drinking, a medium encounters a malevolent spirit... Read More
In 2018, I started collecting paranormal terms when I realized there weren't any paranormal glossaries of sufficient length or scope. In 2020, I brought my work to Booksie because I think this is the best format. It's the largest online paranormal dictionary and contains almost anything of paranormal significance. I… Read More
At the edge of town, just before the opening to the forest, you'll find an old antique store. In that store, you will find many curiosities, from antiques to toys to instruments. Usually, if you want something bad enough, it will be waiting for you in the front window. Megaera… Read More
Short Story based on actual true events. Read More
Historical as well as current issues related to the members of the human species called Ghost People or genuine ghost with a pulse. Written by Ghost People. Ghost People Words - Volume 3 Read More
Historical as well as current issues related to the members of the human species called Ghost People or genuine ghost with a pulse. Written by Ghost People. Volume:2 Read More
The collector makes an error that will lead him into conflict with detective Cassidy, a man he immediately recognizes as being a threat. Read More
Paranormal article based on my experience and knowledge Read More
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