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May 25, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Kimberly is your guide through a dark and twisted life of a little girl who never asked for what she got and who never wanted it. First the reason and then the pursuit. She will never forget. Read More
This is the story of how Gabriel Xylander did something right for once. This is also the story of how Lorelai was saved from herself. This is the story of how everyone fell apart. This is the story of how they picked themselves back up. This is Gabriel's Epic Gay… Read More
it's about a thing that all families suffer from, inequality and pressure were the main things that made me write this. Read More
Candice, scorned by a terrible experience of so called "love" has sworn off love forever. Her will power has stayed incredibly strong until a new student teacher arrives. At first all she feels for this man is hate. But as this man forces himself into her life more and more… Read More
a gathering of our alienated and rejected teens Read More
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