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Poem / Humor

September 30, 2019

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The Poems House

Trying to kill some kinds of trolls can be a problem. Read More

Poem / Poetry

June 03, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This is the first part of a poem (of sorts) that may become a story in the near future. I am not a poet, but i am trying to work in different genre. Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 05, 2014

Immortality has its ups and downs, I guess I can't complain. But I didn't ask for this, I didn't want to watch my family grow old and die. I wanted to have a family of my own, kids to scold and love, a wife. Why me? I didn't ask for… Read More
In a world where two people (the Parts), who love each other greatly, can create unbreakable celestial energies (Links), one Link broke. If it makes zero sense, I'm doing something right. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 07, 2013


Tags: girl, body, knowledge, 96, parts

Two people meet at a young age Lexi and Max they become best friends, Max starts liking Lexi ... Lexi finds a key to popularity and soon leaves him on his own, when she gets a dare everything gets ruined and Max leaves and moves to another school, he leaves… Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 04, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

About a girl selling herself and soul because she felt alone. Read More
Hachi has life hard, nobody really like her in Alure except Itsuki, she was told that she was found on the shores of the ocean in Alure, and she can't tell anyone about her or her life would be in danger, what will happen to our young hero and how… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

All of the text that is in green I wrote, the pictures and text not in green, I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR! Read More
Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he walked over to the televisions he had placed on his desk, all of which were hooked up to the CCTv cameras he had positioned in each of the rooms of his house. He surveyed the rooms on the screens and deciding that they… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Loosing the stick of death with a big blast of what! read to find out Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Uncertainty can make one die. Read More
The horrors of human parts being taken to save others and for the pure greed of Money. Read More

Tags: horror, human, parts

The Saga of Ragnfridr Hallbjornsdottir. Chapter 1, 2 and 3 Set in Iron Age Baltic Caught in a storm, a teenage girl and her dog are cast away on an unihabited island in the Baltic Sea. Read More
I was i the middle of a social studies test when, my ears started to hurt?I touched them gently to find out they were pointed!!Yes, pointed.THen I grow.Instead of 5'0 I am now 6'0.......I panic. When I try to stand I feel a sword on my side.But I keep on… Read More

Tags: true, arent, parts

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