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The unscripted journey of Samuel to meeting Susan remains a mystery.. Embattled with sorrows amidst Riches and also in the face of Death. Samuel got back in track with his first love through the angel of his life... This is my story.... Read More

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A pastor and his wife enjoy weekly ministry dates. Read More
When Ambrose completed school,he became a pastor with the aim of making money.He joined a secret cult and became rich and powerful. The cult had one condition-sleep with only virgins but make sure they never get pregnant or give birth. Will Pastor Ambrose be able to fulfill all this Conditions? Read More
A pastor has a twofold passion: Cultivating both his garden and his congregation! Read More
A congregation starts a new church to minister to the community. Read More
A pastor enjoys preaching more than he likes to eat! Read More
Pastors begin a ministry that involves using their pets as a witnessing tool. Read More

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The only pastor in a small town is interviewed by a newspaper reporter. Read More
A pastor provides inspiration for the teenagers in the church he pastors. Read More
A pastor and his wife receive a special surprise during a Fourth of July worship service. Read More
The love is the best feeling in the world. Feeling love a couple can forgive each other! Smiling, Denise opened her eyes and hungged her husband. Leandro cried and kissed Denise. Feeling love, Denise and Leandro forgave each other forever. Read More

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This was a poem I wrote for a Pastor, thanking him for all he has done for everyone in the church Read More
A pastor says God meets the needs of His people in a variety of ways. Read More

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A pastor and deacon use umbrellas to teach congregation about faith. Read More
Tatiana is doomed. She is to report to the studio tomorrow to begin filming her TV show but there is just a small problem. She has been cutting and pulling out her eyebrows. What is going on with her? And how does God fit into her problems? Read More
Ginny is angry when her choir teacher does not choose her to participate in honor choir. Later, her teacher tells her she is not chosen since she suffers from bipolar disorder. In her anger, Ginny researches an theatre company in the city and decides to audition for it. She knows… Read More
Ember is devastated after her twin sister April commits suicide. April surely was not thinking of others when she killed herself. If only people truly understood depression, April might not have done it. And now, Ember is determined to raise awareness for depression. Read More
This story is about a young boy who share some positive experiences he had at a neighborhood Lutheran church. Read More
True Story, inspired by a Prophet in the states, and compelled by God. Read More

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A man who everyone thought was an angel was actually not who he seemed to be. He was rather a deceptive sinner. Read More
Read about te love of your Siblings Read More

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The nonfiction book entitled Never Fail: Success Strategies is now available from Read More
i told my pastor some stuff of my past and he turned away from me, and he kick me out of youth group Read More
Several members of a small community church took turns sharing their musical abilities during Sunday’s worship services. Carrie always sang about God’s love. “God’s love is the purest, sweetest love in the world,” she said. Corey’s songs reflected the ability of God’s Word to enrich believers’ lives. “My goal is… Read More
A seven-year-old boy enjoys almost everything about church, but there are a couple of things he dislikes very much. Read More
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