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Kimberly (Kim) Hamptom is an 18 year old princess. Her father has set to betroth her to Prince Mark Skidmore of France which she isn’t happy about. She only has two friends; her ladies in waiting Lady Angela and Lady Kara Soon a Kitchen boy; Leo Wood is hired 18… Read More
There are many moments she lives to see, but one she will never see again. Read More
A poem of love and the divide between the powerful and weak, the rich and the poor. Read More
Seamus was just an arrogance teenager boy, with a regular girlfriend, normal life,popularity and no royal family. Then when he decided to mess up his history teacher's house he found a pile of stories about a heroic prince and a magical mirror that reflect the image of a Prince William… Read More
18 year old, Adelaide Matthews gets what she wants, when she wants. Her parents are multi-billionaire owners of a world famous record company so things seem to just fall right into her lap. Since the age of 5, all she ever wanted to be was famous and envied by other… Read More

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Autumn, the princess of Aurashia and the only female in her family. After her mothers death many years back, Autumn is stuck being the only girl in her castle, living with her father and 3 brothers. She is a very lady-like girl, who dreams of nothing more than to be… Read More
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