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An Viet Nam vet, haunted by nightmares from the war, tries to self medicate his demons with booze and drugs. Which leads him down a path of petty crime, mental wards, drugs, murder, and prison. Read More

Tags: vietnam, lsd, weed, mkultra, pcp

3 Friends are travelling to Chicago away from their parents while smoking weed and having the time of their lives along the way. Accidentally smoke weed laced with PCP. Read More

Tags: dying, travel, laced, weed, pcp

Drug abuse is a prevalent issue in todays society...and affects ages 12 and up...advice to parents... " Knowledge is Power " Read More
Dillon gave up on hope, with life with love, with everything, having AIDS. But just when he surrendered and tried to hide in books, a slippery chance at love fell into his path. then as that blossomed quickly a crush came back and after nearly two decades of celibacy, he,… Read More

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