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Short Story / Fantasy

July 19, 2017

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The The Imaginarium House

A man finds a piece of treasure broken off from a dragon's horde. Imaginarium story prompt-"Dazzle." Read More
a story about plight of an Indian peasant and how he depend on Monsoon. Read More
Hello!I am writing an opera, but I can't think of a title for it. I've posted a complete plot summery that hsould be helpful in naming it. Of course its quickly written and is one big spoiler, but thats okay. I just need a name for it so badly. Comment… Read More

Short Story / Other

October 07, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story I did for my English class of a female living in the Middle Ages. She's in love with the Prince but he doesn't even notice her. Instead, the King takes interest in her. Find out what happens next. *Mini News* ~ As I mentioned, this story… Read More
A continuation to my short story "A Peasant and a Queen". Hope you enjoy. Read More
What do you do when you love someone so higher than yourself? You take a chance. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Serena McKenna, a human peasant girl in the vampire kingdom of Elster, finds love with the one and only child of the King and Queen, Prince Braylon the 7th. Braylon is convinced that Serena is the girl for him. One problem. She's human, he's not. His parents won't allow them… Read More
If one travels like Juggernaut from one culture to an another, again and again, the chances of being treated as an outsider is always there but as long as it wont affect making a living it is OK. Read More
A poem telling the tale of a forbidden love between a prince and a peasant girl, told through the eyes of the prince- in the style of Edgar Allan poe. Read More
Story of "Fira De Genville" and her journey to save the queen. Read More
In a land far away, in a country called Oslandia, in a city called Regal. In this city, there is a young Count from another county called West Helen. This young count was given one mission when he was sent away. This one reason to stay in Regal for one… Read More
A poem about the voyage of life. What will you find at the end of the road? Read More
I wanted to try my hand at writing a Grimm-like fairy tale. I also wanted to make things interesting by limiting myself to around 200 words. I have to copies of the tale, each with a different ending. Read More
I wanted to try my hand at writing a Grimm-like fairy tale. I also wanted to make things interesting by limiting myself to around 200 words. I have to copies of the tale, each with a different ending. Read More
Anna and Wesley have been confined to their cells for hours. It's now time for their hearing. What will the queen decided is a fitting punishment? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hazel Navidian is beautiful,sweet,and an all out bubbly person until she meets Lord Andrew McKinnley. He's mean, harsh,and cold-hearted. He has no heart everyone claims it was lost on the battle field and when he came back he was cold-hearted.But Hazel is not one to judge. Lord Andrew McKinnley is… Read More
Wesley and anna sneak to the castle and try to see Tania and the maids again. But, what will happen when if one of the gaurds catches them? Read More
After Anna brings the food home from the market Wesley tells her to go outside so he can cook. But, when she zones out while she's drawing the town will the speeding horse trample her? Or will her long lost love come to the rescue? Read More
The Queen gets very angry at Annabell for leaving her party early. And when Annabell explodes will her mother let it go? Or will she throw her out to live on her own? Read More
Annnabell tried to be nice to a young peasant named Sarah. But, the Queen wants nothing to with that. And Annabell remembers it's her mothers bridal shower tonight. How will she feel about going? Read More
Princess Rehzema Le Faye has always been told all her life that girls cannot do what men do, but now her lands are in danger and her people are dying and her Uncle, King Aroz does nothing but gorge himself behind his castle walls. Rehzema takes it upon herself to… Read More
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