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Burz and company walk toward Markarth to help them with travel when something interesting happens... Read More
Burz and company arrive at a small desolate town where Burz meets another old friend... Read More
After Burz gets captured, his friend Steven and him share their stories until Steven gets pulled in for interrogation. Read More
It's three years after Burz left his hometown of Pell's Gate. While trying to make a living, Burz runs into a battle and meets a new friend. Read More
The Final Battle between Malak and Urum, Burz and his uncle. Also, an old character decides to make a triumphant return to the action. This is the last chapter so I hope you've enjoyed the book. Read More
Burz and Urum travel to Cheydinhal to find the one who might succeed at killing Malak. Read More
The journey to Cheydinhal continues as these four characters share their life stories. Read More
Burz undergoes some merchant situations when he is told by Urum how to go about talking with a merchant. Read More
Burz drinks, sleeps, and discovers a new family bond from his newest party member, Urum. Read More
Burz gets on the boat and meets some unlikely characters that give him a temporary home. Read More
Burz makes his way home with his three friends, Malak, Arenal, and Nazir. On the way, he listens to Malak's stories in the Blades. Read More
Burz, Nazir, and Arenal enter the Imperial City and go meet Malak, the vendor of Hash n' Slash. Enjoy :) Read More
Here, Burz is assigned a job by the Voice and Burz also goes on an adventure with Nazir and his new horse, Mafre. Enjoy :) Read More
Burz meets an enemy and a friend in this long chapter. Enjoy :) Read More
This chapter is about Burz after he figures out about his trip to the Imperial City with Arenal. Enjoy! :) Read More
This is a book I'm currently writing. I got the idea for the book when I came across the village of Pell's Gate in the game "Oblivion". Read More
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