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Morgan Pendragon always wanted to be the queen. She is a powerful and canny witch. She does not believe in friendship and especially does not believe in love. After a sudden death of her father, king Uther, her dreams finally might become true … But the great sorcerer Merlin has… Read More
My favorite Once Upon a time August Wayne Booth enters himself into the adventure in this part of the series. He arrives in the city of London and he comes across an old friend who he really needs to help there. Read More

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Deannedra Pendragon is tired of hearing about King Arthur and Camelot from her mentor Rulnolf. She wants to explore the forests that lie beyond her little home and the neighboring village. Things change when she hears a rumor of castle ruins that are only a few days travel. What secrets… Read More

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April 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

delve into the job of PenDragon Fixer Sevire Drevele as he solves problems ranging from villains escaping from one world to another to sabotage by rival corporations Read More
Bobby Pendragon is called back to the game playing territory of Quillan. Only, this time, he meets up with a girl named Layra. Once again, he finds himself a Challenger in the Quillan Games at the mercy of the game masters, Veego and LaBerge. The games and challenges have grown… Read More

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When Uther catches Merlin using magic, he imprisons him in the dungeon to await his execution the following day. Friendships are tested to the limit as the young sorcerer faces a bleak future. Will everyone desert him in his hour of need, or will anyone be brave enough to come… Read More
This is a preview of my fantasy literary book/novel based on the Arthurian Legend, but this story, has much things, which i invented by myself. This is only a preview, and it's only the first chapter, telle me if you like it, if you do, then i will write more,… Read More
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