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A tramp on a mission from Chicago to find his lost brother in Chattanooga, travels alone through the bitter winter, sick, sometimes starving, taking brief refuge in a hobo camp along the way. Nearing his end he finds what refuge he believes will help him, a church in the city… Read More
It is Christmas, 1933, and Lucy embarks on a holiday with friends to Scotland, only to find herself having to be rescued by a handsome stranger. Read More
The rumors about the ghost haunting the theater at Locksley Hall have echoed for ten years as myth and local lore. Now, in the year 1917, a maverick young lady filmmaker has arrived to make a moving picture dedicated to the legend. But this mythical ghost may not be imagined...and… Read More
everything in abigale's seem to be so perfect and she had not a care in the world, that's was until thomas pembrooke and his brother and sister arrived in town. from then on everything seemed to fall apart in this story of heartbreak, romance and pride. Read More
As a middle class woman in the 18th Century, Evalina Snow understands her place and her duty. As she is swept into a world of class, prejudice and lies, the place she was so comfortable in is destroyed and she learns in the most gruelling and despairing ways that the… Read More
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