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1800s England. Grace knew it was her duty to marry the Duke of Amsden, but she was so scared of him. Would she find true love with him, or would she only be following her duty and not her heart? Read More
Just something I threw together off a random writing prompt. It centers around Mateline and Jack. Both of them are relatively new vampires, but where Jack has embraced his new darker side, Mateline is still struggling to come to terms with it. Read More
Abigail Bienville will do anything for a friend. Which is how she finds herself in a brothel. Being mistaken for a prostitute. By a sinfully handsome man. And which is how she finds herself abruptly engaged to a man she doesn't know. Stephen, Earl of Chesham, doesn't know what to… Read More
Tinsley Stewart has abruptly decided that she can't get married. Although it would have been better to make the decision earlier than an hour or so before her wedding. Fleeing a life she's decided she doesn't want, Tinsley goes in search of a better one, and, as a restaurant critic,… Read More
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