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Many times in life things don't appear as they could be. With just a little perseverance, our hanging in there, we just might find that our getting used to change, proves to be what success is all about. Read More

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On an island far away there live all the people who have something that sets them apart from the rest of the world. What would you do if you had a chance to change everything? Read More
Watch the YouTube video here: Originally titled "The Stoic Perseverance Of a Doomed Anti-Defeatist", this is a piece I wrote back in December 2017. It's my illustration of a man who stands by his convictions no matter what. Even as they nosedive and crash into flames.… Read More
"Wholeheartedly she has done what was supposed to do, why should she accept half solutions now?!" Read More
Love conquers all... Read More
There was once a lake, with massive expanse of pristine beauty and all the species including the crocodiles coexisting in peace but not for long. As lovely and loosely guarded spots are envied and invariably occupied, the lake was also invaded by the alien species who had colluded with… Read More
please keep in mind this story is still in the very early stages of being written and will be subject to a lot of editing in the near future. ___________________________ held under lock and key her entire childhood, sana sohma (or so she has come to be known as), was… Read More

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Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe we are gifted for something and that this thing, at whatever cost,must be attained. -Marie curie Read More
A lone Tree loses the only comfort..only hope it had: Family (loved ones). a jolly Lamp Post shows the Tree the way of life. This short story is a lesson for all fighting anxiety, depression and frustration of having to leave their comfort zones. Read More
this is a passage written for those out there going through hard times and don't know when it will stop. Read More

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For those of us struggling with depression. Looking inside yourself is the first step forward. Read More
Probably the most direct anti-suicide and anti-self harm piece I've ever written. Basically, the sun is going to rise tomorrow 100%, there's no dispute about that. You should be here to see it, cause sun rises are quite beautiful. Read More
Motivation for anyone who needs it. Read More
A different (theological neutral) retelling and musing about life and our purpose on earth. Read More
In the dawn of history and today times changes with always what you have in your hand. Realizing the meaning of these words about our planet has been carved out as ever uncompleted short story. Read More
Regarding self-preservation in the storms... Read More

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Beside life, what keeps us surviving and moving on is hope… Read More

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This is a poem I wrote for Arbor Day as I stared out the window in my dorm at college. I go to college in the city, so I was inspired to write about the beauty and importance of trees for people who have lived in a world that lacks… Read More
ive said this is a young adult short story, because i think it would make the most sense to young adults. i wrote this not too long ago for a friend of mine as a birthday present, and now im putting it here. its a story about over coming the… Read More
the frustrations of Waiting in a society that isn't Read More

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In this poem I make a unique comparison to people and rocks... weird it may sound but makes for an interesting poem in the end Read More
i woke up from a nightmare one night and had only the phrase 'spinning and directionless wont let myself give in' i knew id never sleep until i poured out the poem that was straining to escape and this is what it was. Read More
What our response should be to God during trials Read More
Anna Smith is a 16 year old girl living on Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Her dad lost his multimillion dollar job when the economy slumped and so the family had to trade their expensive Wild Dunes house for a humbler abode on Isle of Palms. The family had been… Read More
This is a quick paragraph on why I am the way I am. Read More

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November 17, 2012

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I wanted to write a song, yet it came out a little like this, A sky lit by the sunshine, but the songbird is amiss. I don't really know how, or what I'm supposed to do, A little la la la di da, and a lot of damn I love… Read More
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