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Just a little something I wrote that is meant to have meaning and giving advice, personal opinion, strong opinion Read More
An exploration into why I write. A commentary on writer and reader. Read More
My own personal diary, feel free to read if you're curious about me, thanks Read More

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The Review Chain House

A sort-of memoir focusing on specific moments in my childhood that explore both my deeply rooted senses of shame and cowardice, as well as some of my deepest self-reflective thoughts in those rather terrible moments in my life. Quickly done (both to get my thoughts down as soon as I… Read More
Each chapter is raw and open and reveals feelings of the author, me. I'm sharing with you my feelings and encouraging you to do the same (share it in comments!:) It's natural to have some and to express them, regardless what others might say. We live in a world where… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Some event in my life. Read More

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Wellcome! This is a brief introduction about me. I wrote this to handle some inquires or curiosities I ran into before. I am sorry it may not be transparent enough still, but I guess it is part of me. Please feel free to let me know how to improve though. Read More

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Something that happened to me in real life. Read More

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I wrote this a couple of years ago. Many of the pieces of this essay are now obsolete based on where I am now, and where I came from- but I feel it necessary to share this. I've wanted to share it since I wrote it. Thank you. Read More
On trying anyways. Read More
How do you define joy? Read More

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