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The Review Chain House

This chapter will go over Fux's time in hell and how he manage to come back to the living side of the world. Read More
This chapter picks up right off after Fux's death in the last chapter. Read what happens to him in heaven and his conflict with god himself. Although, this god might not be what you expect! Read More
They're both hot,dangerous,short tempered and gang leaders..but most of all they're extremely possessive and perverted.. Read More
Tell me, friends, and explain what reasoning is behind the heinous acts of domestic violence and sexual assault towards women... Read More
Anywho this poem is about the general basics of sexual orientation that isnt really talked about or known especially when the trouble seems to emerge from the younger generation/recent generation or idiots. This poem is what ive seen people do to others, and has once done to myself. I know… Read More
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