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This is about a college student named John. He explored something that no one should have explored. Will he make out alive? WARNING: It's violent Read More

Tags: horror, short, pg-13

This was an entry to a short-story contest on storywrite years ago. Since I'm transferring my other stuff I figured it should have a home here too. Read More
It was when I turned 14 years old that my life turned a complete 180. Read More
A team of special forces contractors lands on an (no quite) deserted planet to track a mysterious distress signal from a lost cult. Read More

Tags: pg-13

It's a story that describes itself. If you want to see more short stories like this, please message me for any ideas. Writers block is hard to deal with and short stories are something I thrive better in because I can never complete a longer premise. So please, let me… Read More

Tags: pg-13

A man who chose to have his own memory erased wakes up with a note from his past self: Don't Go Home. Read More

Tags: pg-13

Psychological drama about a man with no memory, trapped in a mysterious box. Inspired half by dream, half by Edgar Allen Poe. Read More

Tags: pg-13

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