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The Booksie Classic House

Phoebe Bradshaw is the typical high school junior. Except for the fact that her boyfriend's brother is the only one for her. No one knows about Phoebe's dark past, not even her best friend, Jules. Does Matthew love her back? Will he accept her for all her mistakes? Read The… Read More
In a small city, Phoebe Sanders lives as an Oracle, but in reality she is a time-keeper, one of the elite chosen ones who weave destiny. She lives a fairly normal life, trying to move on from a mysterious ex-boyfriend known only as E, flirting with a guy in her… Read More
Watch what happens when a teenager makes some bad choices, and the consequences that follow. Read More
My sister Maria was an innocent girl. She... she was riddled with insanity, and a mad scientist, named Kent, reconstructed her body. He calls it human art... Read More
My name is Katrina Drakia. I am 16 yars old and nd I am no longer human. It all happened when I was a baby. I am now marked with scars, rune like shapes in differrent colors... Now I am my own protecter. I face those who wish to kill… Read More
Will Darius ever find a way to get Sapphyre to live again? Comments appreciated! P.S- There is some French. Read More
This is based around the three beautiful Halliwell sisters, they are all married and it is set after Phoebe's honeymoon, when she is at the office she has a premonition of a young woman getting attacked by a Darklighter and they get a visitor from the future called Elaina who… Read More
Gwen is 16 and she has been given a college scholarship. Theres just one problem, they put her in the guys dorm. He roommates nice but she falls for his best friend, Jared, the emo kid. And he hates her for one reason, He thinks she's a prep........Read and find… Read More
This is a story of revenge and redemption twisted around a love story. Read More
(Okay, Lola, Jordyn, you can stop laughing now. Just because this is a subject I know nothing about doesn't mean I.....yeah, this is gonna suck big time. Come watch this tragic story unfold. Tragically, we're sure.) This is the super-ulstra-suckish story I wrote like three years ago that I NEED… Read More
I wrote this story for my beautiful darling daughter Adriana Cristina. she is an avid fan of Charmed , the television series of witches. She begged me to put her in a story and publish it on Booksie. This is for her my dear Adriana... Hope you like it. Read More
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