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This is an article "Blogging for Photographers" by Marc Primo Warren. Thanks to the internet, more photographers are now able to showcase their talents through blogs for potential jobs and projects. With thousands of blogs online, making your photography blog stand out can be a challenge, and an important one… Read More

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A 14-year-old German girl goes to work for her great-uncle at his portrait studio during her summer break in the summer of 1937. Read More
A short poem for the eyes to read, the mind to recollect, and the heart to fill with warmth from the memories of your Timeless Photo. Read More
"Stop it Kat.. man, stop it, please. I don't love you anymore!" In those words spoken to her by Giovanni (Gio), Ekaterina feels a cold needle pierce her heart, filling herself with a numbing pain. The seasons have gone from Summer to Winter throughout the time they spent together, and… Read More

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this is a story about a young man who's passion was photography, but life was just so against him and his dreams. at his lowest point, he found out he had a strange gift that he will have to learn all about. will it be a bane on his life… Read More

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November 27, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

A funny poem about the biggest photographer's dilemma - does better gear make you a photographer Read More
Return to the Davmandy Collection for another rich sampling of exquisite digital artwork. Dozens of layered photo-effects and countless hours of experimentation have culminated in this all new set of more than 60 full color illustrations, based on impressions of Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, Canada, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland,… Read More
Book description: Full Mindedness distils years of travel through North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania into stunning full-color digital artwork. In this selection of more than 60 striking and imaginative images, an international aesthetic blends with the alchemy of sophisticated photomanipulation software to create a feast for the discerning eye...and… Read More
From the book description: The Rockies to the Carpathians, Nagasaki to Prague, the backwoods of New Zealand to the Australian surf, this is a trip around the world with a difference... The Davmandy Collection takes the excitement of travel as a departure point for the imaginative use of sophisticated photomanipulation… Read More
"Atque"-Latin, 'and.' A conjunction between two phrases or ideas. Read More
After the tragic death of Marina's close friend, she finds herself spiraling into a depression fueled by the loss of the one closest to her and her faltering grades. Given an unlikely second chance, she is desperate to turn herself around. Read More
A photographer is a person who makes photographs. As in other arts, the definitions of amateur and professional are not entirely categorical. A professional photographer is likely to take photographs to make money, by salary or through the display, sale or use of those photographs. Emma is a professional photographer.… Read More

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September 17, 2016

They were two opposites that weren't in fact all that different. Then they met..... Read More

Book / Romance

May 23, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

ayana vasquez is a young ambitious photographer who has never really experienced a real relationship or love for that matter. she moves to new york with her best friend kaylee. she meets a guy named johnny that is vying for attention but her eyes are set on a handsome young… Read More
This story is about a normal everyday Trans boy, who lived a normal everyday life, and have a normal everyday future, until one day he was introduced to a photographer who needed him. After that sudden meeting this boy's life changed, was it for the better or for the worst,… Read More

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February 21, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Quick poem I threw together after I saw a new camera that I want. I love taking pictures, I think photography is such an inspiring form of art. Read More
This is my photography portfolio. I will be posting my photos as I take them. Thought it would be something new and interesting. Please check it out and give me your opinion! Also feel free to request photos and I'll try to shoot them. Thanks for your support and enjoy… Read More

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hi y'alls! wondering if i could expand this summarized story into a full-out novel... please give me your advice on how/whether I ought to get there! thanx for reading :) Read More
This a short romantic story about a young photographer and his crush, although the story doesn;t have a happy ending I hope you enjoy it. Read More
Going through his photos from over the years re-stimualtes the protagonist's memory and he finds a surprise or two. Read More
Suffering from Dysthymia and self harm,he finds photograpy as a way to tame his mind. Read More
I took this photo about a month ago, but for those of you who want to see somewhat how Tenekzu Higiyama or "Tigima" from my Knightwatch story looks, this is how he looks--and this is how I look! And yes, as the last active member of Chess Club's Ghost-class, I… Read More
"It is true I’m a good photographer. I find the things that represent the place I’m in and try to capture them on camera. I have never failed doing that. One day I was visiting Japan and I got a phone call from a man named Hisao Hayashida. “Is this… Read More
taken from my book, "Into The Direction Of Where" Read More
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