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aware about cosmology. Read More
its the gibberish that has been building inside me since i realised that i was not doing anything fruitful anyway .... so i i let it pour out of my brain onto the screen!! Read More
that bop bop bop would pop pop pop to do op a do op Read More
Just something I'm trying to test with my English capability in the sense of mixing Astrophysics into something that's coherent with emotions; this was influenced quite a bit by Haruki Murakami's stories. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

each day I pass him; he just standing there neither waiting for food or drink.. what's he waiting for or is just hanging out lest he miss anything going in the world outside his hilly field by the lake-shore.. Or is he hanging out in another dimension on the rim… Read More
What is Indian wisdom? Know the answer from the world renowned intellectual giants Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Something is stalking suburbia. Experience Quantum Physics and the Philosophy of personal realities in as the darkness invades the minds of his victims. Read More
Theoretical Physics article breakthrough solving one of sciences great questions. How ndid the Big Bang happen and what was in existence before it. Read More

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“Hmm… the leg maybe? Or his head? What do you think Marrrttthhhhaaaaa?” The man laughed in great amusement to watch tears run down my mothers horrified face, she was stunned into silence. ”The leg then… OK!” The sound was like Velcro. I could hear every bone in his leg dislocating… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Raf Butler is accused of the brutal murder of Hanna Lowley, the priest's daughter of the small town Fairfield in South Carolina. Returning to the tightly woven town is difficult, people either fear or despise him. Yet, Caspia Rose Adams has a different idea. She doesn't exactly fancy Raf with… Read More
An Incident In Which The Race Against Time Paid Off..a model essay that i did for my school. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

the story of a man who wanted to see the past, but once he is there he makes the mistake of becoming part of the past and must follow a dark and murderous path to make sure not to unwind the very seams of reality. Read More
Since the beginning of Human history, stories have been told to pass down the memories and experiences of ancestors long gone into the past. Forces ambitious for control have manipulated these stories, myths and legends to make an illusion that hides the truth about the state of humankind. Maintaining this… Read More
Here’s a new post, well, not quite! I stopped posting because, basically, I don’t have anything more to say, but, in WordPress (my Yahoo 360 escape vehicle), I noticed I was not getting any reads on my structuralism paper’s most significant Foucault post (a paper not posted at Booksie). The… Read More
This post continues with a brief conversation between the devil and myself, and then switches over to an earlier conversation which is itself a continuation of the God’s Footprint--Determinism conversation of several posts back. That dialogue was set high in the Canadian Rockies where Stan, the English professor, Noel, the… Read More
On the edge of our galaxy, a star passes away. Whether due to a flaw in nature, or an aspect of fate, a key hole into our brightest pasts – and our darkest futures – opens for man. Some doors are better left closed, but this is one that Ben… Read More
God’s footprint, grounded as it is in the Logos of Existence, is shaped like a piece of pie, the edges of which meet where the observer’s edge of the pie and the opposite edge of the pie (the physical event edge) come together. The pie crust separates the observer from… Read More
Mannie is just a young girl coming of age, in the year 2067. However, her own path is also unique, she uses her scientific talent to create robots for the next generation..and she harbours a secret, passionate ambition to become an intergalactic astronaut. Read More
Yes, God has a physical footprint and it’s grounded in the Logos of existence as it is described in the “the new model of the observer/observed relationship.” Accordingly, we live in a universe that, on one level, is deterministic, while, on another level, is less deterministic. However, the entire universe… Read More
This is a continuation of lasts week’s post, but I have more to say in this one. There is some explanation for why I believe the We Voice of Divinity exists, but, there is more description than explanation; that said, I’ve decided to stay with this theme in future posts,… Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 12, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

An appeasement to all the negativity lately...felt good to write. Pay attention to the details, as usual. Read More
Challenges the presently accepted cause of global warming. Read More
The article debunks physics of it mistaken assumptions and theories and lays the foundation for a paradigm that applies across cosmology and biology. Read More
Information theory is the theory that shows the true purpose of intelligent life on the planet, and what motivates all of us. Read More
Here’s something different. Think of this post as being consistent with my thesis/story, but not part of it. My thesis, unbeknownst to my Professors at the time, succeeded on two levels. First, it satisfied a degree requirement, and second, it enhanced my argument for the existence of God, an argument… Read More
Lighthearted contemplation on quantum physics Read More
The Flow is Speaking. The only true relationship, the only completely real pure relationship is not the same thing as what we mistakenly call "relationships" here on earth that we have with other people. They are tainted by existence which exists in its nature in limited form (we have limitations).… Read More
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