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Andy's only friend is his pet, who soon goes missing. We all just need someone to lean on, someone to keep us going. Read More
Enter the mind of the pianist, who is the best in Europe, and experience the struggle he faces after an incident. In terms of genre, I honestly do not know where to put it so I just categorised it as literary fiction. This is a short story I wrote quite… Read More
Sara was never really good at anything but playing the piano when she was young; it was something she had enjoyed dearly. She was a short lived prodigy, only to lose her skills in a car accident that killed her parents. After coming into her adult years, at 26, she… Read More
If only Nia Buendía had had larger hands, you might be talking about her today. As it is her musical journey has followed many twists and turns. Read More
How does one explain life and love? A difficult topic to broach and two words that seemingly impossible to explain. Ryan knows the pain of life but he also discovers the joys that come with it. (Warning this is 2 pages long, short sweet and to the point.) Read More
This was taking from a journal entry I wrote at three in the morning one day in the hallway of my dorm. I was having a bad night and so desperately missed my piano and band. I really liked my journal entry. Read More

Short Story / Other

August 08, 2014

I have always loved the piano, and even though this is fiction I think that this instrument could help someone in this way. I plan to write similar pieces. I hope you enjoy! ^-^ Read More
This work highlights the feelings a musician, specifically a pianist, feel when they do their thing. The seemingly random capitalization adds to the mood, and also helps to specify which element is being referred to. Read More
A rose is on stage. It performs a piano concerto. I believe it's one of my best poems (with the exclusion of a couple. Also one of my oddest, but whatever). It's a short summary, I know, but I'm kinda feeling a bit slow tonight. Read More
This is a true story. My fiance passed away a coupel years ago. We had a speashile place. The piano room in the house we lived in together with our bestfriend. My fiance was inlove with music mostly the piano. when I was sick, upset, or just couldnt sleep because… Read More

Tags: love, grief, piano

Singer Janaki from South India is the voice of India for her immense talent in singing. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dedicated to music and music lovers (: Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's about a young boy who is a very talented pianoist, but he ends up in an accident which causes him to lose his hearing. He's lost without music he misses hearing people laughing, singing and even the sound of rain drops. He's gone rebellious and wants everyone to know… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Don't we love rock music and rock musicians? Here is a poem that expresses all this! Read More
This is a little story I wrote about my piano and my special friendship with it. Enjoy and leave comments! Thank you! Read More
It's the year of 1884. Joanna Stone's mother is kidnapped and Joanna is left for dead. The girl is later found alive and everyone thinks she murdered her Mother, except the Dalores. The only problem is...Joanna doesn't remember what happened the previous night. Liana Shore's only sister, Lillian is murdered,… Read More
A great battler against environmental pollution has passed away. Now, after discovering his diary, his sons must find out the truth about a mystery girl as they reconstruct the whole image they had of their father because of these new findings. Read More

Book / Historical Fiction

January 27, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

Based in the 18th Century, Avalyn is about a Baroness who uses music to help her escape. A very talented composer and oppressed by her husband, Avalyn develops a secret life. Meanwhile, the Baron's on going conflict with his brother finally comes to a fatal climax, effecting everyone in the… Read More
This short story is inspired by an anime i love. Read More
No matter how well hidden, evidence of past misadventures inevitably surface, sometimes to the culprit's benefit. Read More
Gurtha & Sax is a short story set in 1930s Berlin about a Jazz ensemble that is torn apart due to the national socialism movement in Germany prior to World War II. Gurtha Schnelling is a married jazz-singer that is faced with a choice to leave her husband and country… Read More
I didn't know what to write one day but I was in a writing mood. I made myself pick an object and work off of that. This is what happened! :) Read More
This is a creative exam which I really liked, so I'm posting the story. For those of you who read on and enjoy, you might be pleased to know that I got 100%. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

It's a descriptive writing I had to do for class. It's about a memory of mine that I know all so well :) Read More

Tags: girl, memory, piano

Lyrics by: Ayra Rubio Music by: Jerson Lapura What happens to a person having a BIG CRUSH into someone? Well, s/he can write a SONG even just for 15 mins. HAHA.. Read More
I Am A Piano. Inspired by Nakamura Asumiko. A story moved from my old account. Read More
Ryan is a seventeen year old pianist who now lives with his wealthy aunt and manipulative sister after his parents die in a car crash. He looks to be the ideal child but behind closed doors he is a seditious and wreck less party animal that always seems to get… Read More
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