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Here are the character pics for You and Me, Together Forever! i'll add more pics as new characters begin to show up :) Read More
Pictures and pairings for my upcoming novel. Read More
Character pics for my novel Astral Domination! ^0^ Read More

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Character Pics for Paxton Read More

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Hey guys these are the pictures for my novel it's up until chap 5 characters!!!! PLEASE COMMENT AND READ!!! Read More
Character pics for my novel, Clinging to the Closet Door. Read More
These are the character pics for my story, New School, New Friends, New Love. Here's the link to the first chapter, if you want to read it: Thanks! :DDD Read More

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Just pictures i use for my stories and profiles. That is if they show on. Read More

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These are then pictures of what I imagined the chracters to look like. Every time a new important charactr enters the story, I'll add them :) Read More

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Not only do I love to write, but I love to do graphic design as well. I am not EXTRAVAGANT at it but I am pretty good if I do say so myself. These are just some things that I have previously completed. Read More

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Here are pictures of what the characters somewhat look like. I owe none of them only my characters, story, plot, etc. Read More
Just read it. I haven't posted anything in forever, so this is SPECIAL. Read More

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Moonlit Gave me this poem to publish on here so this poem is all hers and it isn't mine. Inspiration from madonnas song called power og goodbye. Read More
character pics for my novel Read More

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These are the character pics for my novel the curse of the Dina doll!!!!!! Read More

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so here are the Character pics ^___^ they will be updated as new characters are added. Anyway if you have any other character you want to see please tell me and I'll post them. Thanks for your support! Read More
These are the character pics for Forgotten Tears...everyone else is making them so I though 'what the heck' lol :) *I do NOT own any of these pictures* (there from google images) Read More
It's my first ever challenge so don't judge, please. There will be three rounds and this is the first of three. I will provide you with a picture for 5 different genres and you are to choose one and write a story revolving around that pic. Read More

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This is a picture competition. :) Enter, and enjoy. Read More
These are the pictures that I think fit the characters of Fire and Ice Subsdide to One. You know some, but some are new. Please review and rate!!!! Read More
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