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To Ducky, she'd never though that love is practical, something logical that can be assessed. Everything changes when she meets Benjamin White. But what happens when not all stories has a happy ending? Read More

Book / Romance

December 28, 2014

Ems is a kind, optimistic,full of dreams 18 year old girl, who just went to college and is looking forward to a new life with new friends,and hopefully the passionate relationship she always longed for.One day,she meets a weird stranger that intrigues her more than anybody ever has.She doesn't know… Read More
Lucy Combs just moved to California with her best friend Mia Lazarri. They're going to a concert for their new favorite band, The Gatekeepers. At the concert, Lucy needs to find help, and fast, and who better to help her than the band themselves? Leo, Victor, Shane, Jay and Owen… Read More
Lucien Rose has no more family. He's adopted in to a strick family and his only friend s the cat until he meets the neighbor. The house is ownedby four very rich and very handsome men. (Character picture's) Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Usually when you think of a love story, it love at first sight, but well, not for Zane and Lila. They absolutely hate each other or Lila does, but Zane is a terrible playboy and delinquent who has fun in messing with girls and when he gets bored with them… Read More
My story with self-harm and the alternative outlet I found to cutting. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Halfway through a study abroad exchange in Tokyo, Nicola's boyfriend back home in Toronto breaks up with her. He had fallen for someone else. One month later, after a night at her friend's bar, Nicola wakes up in the bed of a hot rocker guy, unable to remember how she… Read More

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March 24, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about a twin sisters who is bisexual named India and Crystal and they have broken so many hearts but they each meets the right person who changes their heart and way of life. Read More

Book / Young Adult

January 30, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Kip is the emo kid with an alcoholic, abusive father and a depressed mother. He just moved to Oregon...with his dad. Will he find love with his new best friend? Or maybe a character of the past? Or will his memories get in the way as the past blends into… Read More
Jasper Is Your Average School Boy; Keeping Hold Onto His One Or Two Close Friends. Ever Since He Saw Hayley Jones He Hasn't Seen A Girl In The Same Way; She Is Perfection Too Him. But Hayley Is Hiding Something; Something That's Going To Turn Jaspers life Upside Down. "Well;… Read More
Part 3 of 'Confessions of a [Wannabe] Misfit'. Andrea commits suicide - kind of. Read More
A Story Of A Boy Who Is Put Into An Asylum. The Humour Is Rather Rough. If Anything Offends You, Don't Bother Commenting. Don't Stereotype In Your Comments. This Was Written By A Girl, Well Done Geniuses. Read More
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