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Clouds, they drift and roam. Read More
What wisdom lies behind the pilgrimage? What benefit comes from its strange rituals? Why should the pilgrim dress in white, untailored cloth? What is the wisdom of circumambulating a big stone named Al-Ka’ba? What does the hajji (pilgrim) benefit from kissing the Black Stone? What is the purpose of walking… Read More
The society filled with plenteous odd as well as obsolete dogmas blames girls as unnecessary stuffs for they are incapable to bring emancipation for his father. Only sons, what the religion states, can do that easily. But for the protagonist his girl-child is not less than a gift to him… Read More
This is a Christian allegory. It was inspired by the Pilgrim's Progress. Please let me know what you think! Email me at: faisalfransu@gmail.com By Faisal Fransu Read More
A Mystic told me to face east when meditating when I did so my own voice resounded in my mind's ear..Mecca..Mecca..Mecca Mecca.. continuously. It wouldn't stop. So I went there. Read More

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February 08, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Upon Robert Wright's request, I have written a piece about the horrific actions of Chinese soldiers. For more information, go to Robert Wright's booksie profile and scroll down. Read More
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