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A space pilot gets stuck on a decaying orbit around a star. Read More
Letter to Trent Palmer about my early years. Read More
Three permanent problems challenge Iraq, the first is it's geographical neighboring with Iran, the second is its Oil wealth that attracted the greed of the Superpowers, and the third is the lack of political skill to navigate through the other two challenges. However, the land is fertile with champions as… Read More

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My adventure to fly all alone in a mini plane was my tryst with my destiny. Read More

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a story about a ww2 dogfighter. Read More

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A lone freighter pilot is beginning another routine day, when his trip suddenly goes wrong. Read More

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Tray and his wife are travelling home after a vacation with their friend Paige. The plane crashes and that is the least of their concerns. Will they survive? Read More
Tells the story of a reckless World War 2 fighter pilot, and the fight be can't win but can't refuse. Read More

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The House of Ghosts House

Tags: horror, murder, pilot

There are two different kind of pilots, civilians and military. Civilians carry passengers and luggage on board. Military carry soldiers, missiles and bombs. Here we will talk about fighter pilots. To be more accurate about US Air Force pilots, or if your prefer elite pilots of the US Army. Tom… Read More
Genre: Various Rating: PG Type: Random, Fiction A collection of my pilot chapters. This is just a series of stand-alone short stories where I test out a story idea, characters, or the general setting. Some of these worked and were made into proper series, while others were adapted into another… Read More

Poem / Romance

September 05, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Waking up in the dark is what I had to get used to. At first I did not even realize I was blind I thought the lights where off. There was so much noise inside my head, a buzz, a static flow louder than any external sound. I knew I… Read More
A coming of age story about a popular high school football player who seemingly has everything figured out until his life takes a turn for the worse. Read More
The town Kadelvacaer is strategically placed in front of the mountains, and the Necromancer is willing to burn it to the ground to secure the victory. The Royal Government has refused to send troops to help with the defenses, so the town leaders must try to survive on their own.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is mainly a 1 paragraph pilot to a book I may want to write called "Solar" so if this short story gets good ratings I may want to continue it and make it into a full book so please, enjoy ;) Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More
Wings of Prey is set in WW1, and is about a Avro 504 pilot, who finds himself in the seat of his plane, amid the heat of war. Read More
I wrote this for some other kids in my class for a project and they paid me $10. We had to write a story about like Lent and Easter and stuff so this is what they turned in. It's about what Pontius Pilot and what he might have gone through… Read More

Script / Humor

March 09, 2013

ORIGINAL PILOT. Meet Kate: dedicated elementary school teacher by day, aspiring romance novelist by night. Little does Kate know the world of romance novels is a surprisingly cutthroat one. Luckily she has her supportive boyfriend Brandon and her encouraging colleague Mark to save her! Read More
A United Airlines Boeing 747 is hijacked. The pilots, both former USAF F-16 pilots, airline captain Chris Williams and his first officer, John Harper, have to take back control of the plane or risk the hijacking to be the unfinished mission of 9/11. Read More
I'm an American that has been training at a British drama school for the past three years and this is the statement to start of my final project at school. Some background: All the stories are true. My father died just before I turned 20. This is also to slightly… Read More
There once was a dream I had. So vivid. The death. The destruction. The fear. This will be the best representation of it that I can give. When the world goes to war. When all you know is lost. And there's only one thing left you want to protect. Read More
Caught in the grip of nature’s realm, an elderly pilot endures starvation, hallucinations and self-doubt to finally be rescued, rejoin his family and then make a brave, unselfish decision that immortalizes him. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After Terrorists strike across the world in an attack that has been planned for many decades and a collapsing US economy drives the American government to drastic measure the world is ripe for ignition Read More
Enter just another normal day at Valley High with Red and Floyd before a series of misunderstandings throws the two in danger of being apprehended by the local police. Read More

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