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Norman is your average typical teenager that moved to Gravity Falls for his spring semester of his freshmen year at Rixton Academy as he meets two twins originally from California moved to their great uncles due to their parent's death, Norman becomes best friends with them two but gets really… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The twins were walking free through the lonelinest of all streets where the sun couldn't dare to touch their pale, porcelain skin ... Read More
Young Megan takes a job as a forest ranger, but her dream job was to be in Florida working as a life guard. Little did she know her dream would come true. But will Megan take it? Submission to SoftDreamers Winter Contest Read More
Reflections while walking on a winter's day. Read More

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This is a tale about a pregnant couple and thier two friends moving to find a new dream in the Arizona plains. Where they figure out what it takes to be a true friend, live the dream and enter the reality our 80's daddies have left behind. Read More
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