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A terrible crime has been committed and the perpetrator is confronted by the other members of his film collective. Read More
I wrote this story for my son's 12th birthday. Read More
Pirates went out to seas to find glory, treasure, and get away from the British Kings. Sometimes, they took prisoners, for ransom or other reasons, and sometimes kept them to work on their ship. One such ship had four such slaves, abused and forced to followed all orders. For them,… Read More
It's a small back story of one of my characters on a pirate ship, told by an older pirate to a new recruit. He tells about why some of the crew might fear a seemingly friendly young crew member and the suspicion of his capture and escape from the Spanish.… Read More
This is a tale about love, piracy, loss, heartbreak and death. A short story/poem about a pirate on a mission to collect as much wealth as possible to get him and his lover a comfortable life without woes. Read More
In the town of Orion, there is a legend that long ago an Angel fell from grace and married a human woman. Nobody knows who he was or if he ever existed, but these rumors sparked a belief that t was The Angel Of Death. Many worship him as a… Read More
A Short Story of Piracy on the high seas. In this case a container ship being hi-jacked off somali Read More
D.C. Akers chronicles the tales and adventures of Terra Vonnel the ruthless woman pirate and master thief known as the Sea Vixen who battles Vampires,and the undead in her quest for the twin Skulls of Aries! Read More
Our current method of taxation allows elected officials to maintain power over citizens. A consumption tax eliminates this. Read More
Allen thought he had it all worked out. That was till his lack of planning and common sense put him in a situation that changed his life. Good or bad he doesn't know. What Allen does know, That if he had to change his name, he is definately in over… Read More

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