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The adventure of a 2022 spicy mermaid and his humans friends (and her pet eel). Read More
Plain old janitor Katrina goes on an interstellar adventure to take on a threat from the Cretaceous Era. Read More

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Helen finds a mysterious old trunk in her grandmother's attic and gets transported back to the 1700's. She unwittingly ends up on a real pirate ship, and must brave her harsh new surroundings. She's always loved pirate stories, but living in one is very different than she imagined. Read More

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After pirates destroy everything Diane loves, she decides to hunt something of theirs—treasure! Whitehaven. Once a place of joy for Diane filled with love, laughter, family—her home was the center of her life. Was. Until pirates sailed in. They took what they wanted and razed the city to the ground.… Read More
If you are a sensitive ninny, now is your chance to tuck tail and go back the way you came. This book isn't for everyone; I can assure you. But if you are a no-good, dirty, pirate-loving, adventure-craving scoundrel with a sick sense of humor, you've found your people! Do… Read More
The Recei pirate faction is renowned for their skill in combat. The Walniajan Empire is renowned for their effectiveness of military. Regardless of numerous minor conflicts and the faction's obvious illegality, for a long time they didn't cause much issue for the Empire. However, when the Recei start turning their… Read More
Might be a false start. have tried six times to find the voice of this piece and this may just be the most sustained failure. All constructive criticism is welcome. Read More
Wherever adventure, danger or snacks are to be found, Captain Whiskers is almost certain to be there! One blustery night, the daring feline pirate falls asleep at the wheel of his ship and crashes into a township he has never seen or heard of before. The people are suffering from… Read More
My entry for the out of this world pirate story competition. This is a world of floating countries and impossible creatures under a violet sky. Word count, 4800. Read More
Translation of Satyajit Ray's Shonku adventure. The advent of Professor Trilokashwar Shonku of Scottish Church College faculty, in the literary sphere of the Bengali Science-fiction adventure, emerged in the year of 1961 for the first time. “Byomjatrir Diary” (The Diary of the Space-Traveller”) was first published in the Sandesh Magazine.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When twins are born their souls are braided together. When tragedy strikes, when one is lost, their souls are split. ~ How can one convince people the other isn’t dead? How can the other survive in a harsh world? ~ This is a story about family, friends, pirates, a cat… Read More
A young englishman has to travel to the Hawaiian islands to retrieve an amulet of the lost treasure, along the way, he was attacked by pirates, rescued by a princess, and was welcomed into her island. Read More
In the beginning, there were the seas, then, there were the lands. Thus begins the tale of Bethen Lachar - Interwoven with lies, truth, magic, and people. Aboard the Azule Phoenix!, tells the story of a ship, and its crew, that gets caught up in the crossfire between fates and… Read More

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Kimber find out her parents are pirates. Read More

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Poem / Song Lyrics

September 04, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

A song lyric about a female pirate who was as tough (or tougher) than her male counterparts Read More

Featured Review by JE Falcon aka JEF

"Nice, it flowed well, stayed on track, told a good tale. ... Two Thumbs Up and a Well-Done." Read More

Book / Fantasy

August 11, 2020

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There is only one piece of land left on Earth, and it is ruled by a king who is not kind to strangers. The rest has been swallowed by the oceans, leaving only those who can fend for themselves on the open sea alive. Soraya of Shih was an orphan… Read More

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Ahoy, scallywags! Thar be monsters in these waters... Read More
This is a novel that I have been working on for a while. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

'Avast ye there, you scurvy dogs! this be a briny tale indeed, of pirating and adventure on the high seas. So break out the rum and come sail with me, on a sea of high adventure. There be plunder to be had and plenty of cutthroat action. So start reading… Read More
Short: An alien and human meet in the 17th century Caribbean, during the height of privateering and piracy. He's an HR guy from the 21st century and she's a Librarian from more than thirty thousand years in his future. An incident among Documentarians working for the Galactic Library forces the… Read More
Novel Chapter 1: The family shrimping business is failing, a medical emergency requires immediate cash, Spanish gold is dredged up in shrimp nets, pirates kidnap the owner's daughter and the family must pull together to save each other. This excerpt is the first chapter. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cover image: pixabay.com Read More

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Pirates have made their way into Freiyon, and worst of all, they somehow came into the world before many important events of Freiyon History. Lost, Confused, Angry and power-hungry, the crew of pirates set sail across the seas of Freiyon, meddling with events as they unfold in Freiyon. And Adam… Read More
There once was a war among pirates, one that would decide the fate of the current world. The ones who lost fled forever, never to be seen. At least that's what was thought to be true, until a certain set of pirate clans join together to find the Lost Ones… Read More
A mad game of chance and a doomed ship's crew. Read More
Well, --- It's that time of the year and the month of October is bring it's candy sellers out of the woodwork. So I thought it best to write a poem instead of buying candy; I weigh too much already. Read More
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