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Cthulhu Mythos poem. Read More
A chance meeting of two grasshoppers in a vegetable garden. And the story one had to tell led to a conclusion by the other. Was it the right conclusion? She is convinced.--- I know the dialog is odd, but once in awhile I just want to let go of the… Read More

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September 02, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Tags: escape, hole, pit

This is a short story about disobedience and over-confidence. many young people thinks that the world revolves round them.so, they tend to be disobedient. hamzat, a young strong and healthy boy in his early teens took his energy for granted and became disobedient. but, fate finally caught up with him.… Read More
A poem about the Demon Abaddon. Read More
narrative poetry: pit bulls eating potato chips Read More
the neighborhood Pit Bull ate grandma's apple pie Read More

Tags: apple, grandma, pie, pit, bull

Basically describing in minor imagery of the pain and sufffering that goes on in hell. Of course the real thing is lots worse. Read More
a poem about a Pit Bull in car window Read More

Tags: car, window, pit, bull

a narrative poem about Pit Bulls on skateboards Read More
Bruiser's death was widely lamented Read More
a 100 page poetry book about Pit Bulls, living in the animal shelter and the struggles of life, as a Pit Bull dog Read More
about Pit Bull dogs in winter Read More

Tags: winter, pit, bull

the steak cook out for Pit Bulls Read More

Tags: dogs, bulls, steak, pit, cook

Grog is an idiot who lives in a home and doesn't realize it. He keeps managing to get out somehow. Could it be because the two minions BeltleZar and OgliDick, who have been on his tail for a long time, need him outside to get at him. And what is… Read More

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