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When I crash land on an alien planet Read More

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Here is one of the poems from the collection “Elements of Life.” I will submit a few from the collection as a single piece, allowing readers an opportunity to absorb and think about each one. Read More

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To read my other stories search AEOLUS REVOLUTION on GOOGLE Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"This is brilliant, Hully. A cautionary tale indeed, a self destruct disaster we are right on course to achieve, and you are so right... those in..." Read More

"Always do the unfinished work behind an inspiring story. Why?" This gratitude of Almighty made our planet as the common home for all HIS angels. Where we light every moment for the longest trials in a motivating dream spent for its reality. Let us hear this call within. :) Read More

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Just looking at possible life from another angle. Read More
Das Tagebuch von Tobias Stein, einem der ersten Bewohner des neuentdeckten Planeten Vitalis Neo. Read More
This is chapter 1 of my story! To see chapter 2, got to my account, and read it if it is out yet! :) Read More
This is the very small introduction of my book Planet Tuflerois. To see Chapter 1, go to my account and read it when it comes out! :) Read More

Poem / Romance

August 08, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze Carolyn Gold Heibrun Read More
A flash-fiction with a planet exploration, science fiction, touch. Where did everyone go? Read More

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The Writers Rift House

Welcome one and all, to a world unlike our own. Kaynika is its name, where Dragons populate in vast numbers, giving it the title, ‘The Realm of Dragons’. This planet consists of four Kingdoms, said to be protected by supernatural forces. The kings and queens of this world has… Read More

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The Precambrian Epoch, Mars Eden - a ticking Extinction Level Event lurks in the shadowy depths of the mysterious sea of outer space.... Read More

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Bela had been a thief for most of her life. And a good one too. When she was captured, she expected to be thrown into jail. Instead, she thrown into a competition for the King's hand. She doesn't want to be queen but this is an once in a… Read More
A short story about a young man who has been moved to another mysterious planet. Read More

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A group of human astronauts discovers two alien races. Sequel to UNTIL IT'S GONE, SCARLET BEAST, and ICHTHYS. Continues in WHEN MUSES DIE, FORWARD TO THE PAST, and DEUS EX NARNIA. Read More

Short Story / Other

January 03, 2018

The world will eventually have to end. Our planet may be already crumbling to pieces as we ignore everything else that doesn't really matter to us. Maybe we should spend a little more time to enjoy the world we live in. Read More

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Falling was always the best part. The moment they reached the planet's surface, that’s when everything always went to hell. Read More

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One thing is for sure--we all know that we are on the planet Earth. I wrote this poem. Read More

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Dyanne grew up in a city she didn't belong. Without her father, she only knew Langer City and the mountains that surrounded it. One day, just as the full moon disappeared from sight, something happened that caused her to think more than ever, who her father was. After so… Read More

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Long ago before Gaia was inhabited... well...there was another planet... but that's just a story. My short poem. Read More
It was an era of defeat. A savaged world held in the hands of the Leaders who pulled us out of the nuclear war. Almost all of our land became contaminated with radiation, forcing our people to migrate west over the mountains. It was here that the Leaders took… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 23, 2017

This is a poem about Sedna, a minor planet, founded on 14th November 2003. Read More

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I am trying out a new genre, tell me what you think... Read More
In this story I explain what the holographic cities on this planet are for. --- This is Part II (the final) of this story. Both can be read independently. Read More
Yes, it's another story about a future deep space crew discovering alien life at a distant planet. But please don't despair. I've worked my imagination hard and tried my very best to take this well worn theme in a whole new direction. Originality's a big thing with me. Seems like… Read More
To tell you the truth, the sun and Uranus are giving me energies like a scientist. Read More
This poem is of an idea that came to me. Read More
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