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His life is in danger. What are they planning to do to him? What is he supposed to do to save himself? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

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The The Imaginarium House

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This is not really a short more of a descriptive writing. Still in progress Read More

Tags: evil, plot, twin

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named, "Starol". The king has only 7 princesses and he named them after the 7 precious gems of the Earth. Diamon, Sapphire, Crystal, Pearl, Ruby, Jade, and Amethyst. Find out the adventures between these 7 princesses and their princes! Read More
The previous events of the victims point of view. Who finally joins Mohit's friends to help interrogate the bully and his associate. Read More
Jankowski is in trouble. His friend, Max, thinks a secret society is bent on destroying the world and drags the detective into the middle of the action. Then the society's enforcer turns up and pulls him in deeper. Finally, when bullets fly, Jankowski has to trust to luck to… Read More
What does tone have to do with the success of a story? Why are people complaining about it? Read More
Everyone with blue eyes should have died. The Amendment said so. Yet Adelaide met blue-eyed Talon Dophane in her preschool class when she was four. When Talon disappeared halfway through the year, everyone assumed they knew what had happened. But they didn't. Twelve years later, Adelaide sees those blue eyes… Read More
Jack has a normal life until a group of bad men were watching him. They were planing to take everything from him, but there was a twist. Read More
The entire narrative is improvised. It's essentially a terrorist attack on San Diego, CA. I made a point to keep it under 1000 words so it may be lacking some details, but that is to be expected with experiments like this. I have no idea what this story will be… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two kids from Alaska, go on a late night fishing expedition, but instead of catching fish like they planned, they caught something else.....But the real question is, what is this mysterious being's intentions? good..or something much more sinister... Read More
During the second World war, Major Rommelfanger of the German millitary, has been given a promotion to take hold of the Belzec,Poland. Read More

Short Story / Horror

January 06, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a creepy horror short story. The story revolves around two main characters. Asher Greymark, a rebellious and disobedient friend of the second main character. Anna Glass, princess of Grimhawk. The story takes place as the two friends are wondering through the woods, the rest is for you to… Read More
The pineapples journey awaits your eyes to become a unicorn then die. Go ahead and try to read it. Read More
A young girl finds herself trapped in an unusual and horrid situation. She is trapped under the iron fist of a cruel and insane man. but finally after enough suffering she finds her unusual way to freedom. Read More
Katarina and Ash finally start a life together that's all swell and sweet. But it never stays that long. Perfection is fought by the idea of being overrated at least in Katarina's world it is. She finally believes that life is back to normal, Gregeorio's death has brought back leave,… Read More
Life at first seems difficult and nothing but work to Katarina. She trains all day with her sister Kami and her father Darius Ornibus. However when tragedy strikes Katarina's family, she must find the evil one behind this disaster. Along the way she will finally meet Denver and his 3… Read More
The arrival of two other members of Stephen's family and their fight against the witches. Read More

Poem / Poetry

March 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House


Tags: lost, plot, cemetery, rose

No matter where you decide you obtain your knowledge and or education if it is not applied you have wasted your own time and money. Stop blaming others, money, the lack there of, or the system for the goals you fail to reach. Read More

Book / Other

December 10, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

if i've got an idea for a story, but no time to write it, this is where it'll go! come here to buy a plot! x Read More
What if you were created for one purpose: to extend wrath upon others? You become a legend, but can legends be changed? Read More
Athena, the infamous controversial writer, requested, John an upcoming well-known interviewer to speak with her each day in 1 week. However, the catch is if he has sex with her during that week, the interview is off. Can he resist her charms? Read More
A former high school basketball star meets his biggest fan. Read More
At the age of 18 they are supposed to come for you, to make your test to find you a couple and to give you your cure. Some of us had managed ourselves to escape from that hell. They ignore us, they make like we don’t exist which is better… Read More
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